The Best Serie A Team in FUT

If you want to build a pure Serie A team in FIFA Ultimate Team, you will get your money's worth here. We'll show you the best players for your Serie A team in Ultimate Team.
FIFA 22 Serie A Top Team
Hyped for the Serie A? | © Imago/EA Sports/Earlygame

Many people laugh at the Serie A like it's a league for oldies near the retirement. Compared to leagues like the Bundesliga or the Premier League, there are only a few young talents to be found who will really make it to the high class of football. If you wait for an argument pro Serie A... Then you have to wait a little longer. We have already shown you the highest rated players from the Italian league. Today, we will show you the best Serie A teams for Ultimate Team. Trigger warning: Bonucci and Chiellini won't make it into our squads.

The Best Serie A Team in FUT

Let's start with the starter team. Many of you probably won't have more than 100-200k in your account yet (losers), but you can change that with some skill based statements in Division Rivals and the Weekend League. However, our starter team for Serie A is available for significantly less:

Serie A OP Team Ultimate Team FIFA 22
That looks pretty solid, doesn't it? | © Futbin

Some of you might be in tears right now, but this team is made for broke people like us. You only have to pay 70k for it and still, it's pretty sexy! The defense is extraordinary with De Ligt and Manolas. A good mix of pace and physique, just what you need. With Barella and Zielinski, the midfield delivers two all-rounders with compact stats.

Speed is, of course, required on the left and right sides. The Italian duo Insigne-Chiesa make the most of the price. In total, you can get both of them for around 25k at the moment. With Muriel and Mertens, we have two top strikers in the squad who are available for very little money. Above all, the price of OP striker Muriel is just ridiculous! With this team, you make sure to get a fantastic start in your new FUT adventure!

Serie A OP Ultimate Team FIFA 22
No words needed. | © Futbin

Sweet dreams are made of this! Di Natale and Córdoba cost a little fortune, but hey... you wanted to see the Serie A OP team! The line-up is really amazing. With Ciro Immobile and Paulo Dybala, you've got two reliable strikers alongside legend Di Natale. In defense, Koulibaly and Córdoba just smash every opponent away.

We haven't changed anything on the wings. With his pace and dribbling, Insigne is a top choice for the left side, and Chiesa does his job very well on the right. Serie A simply cannot offer better players in these positions. In your goal, you have to choose between Handanovic and Szczesny. You should really let your personal feelings decide on that one. In my previous games, the inter goalie has definitely convinced me... his stats also have a lot to offer. The goalkeepers are currently all a bit OP anyway.

Let's get to the price. Because of the two FUT heroes, it's at a sweet 1.4 million coins. If that's too expensive for you, you can swap Di Natale with a cheaper Mertens or Osimhen, and Córdoba with Manolas or De Ligt. Then you will save a few hundred thousand.

You don't want the charm of Serie A? Then look at this article:

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