EA FC 24 Discounts & Codes: How To Get The New FIFA 24 Cheaper

If you are looking for a discount for EA Sports FC 24 you have several ways to get the game cheaper. We tell you where to look for EA FC 24 promo codes.

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How to get discounts for EA FC 24. | © EG

EA Sports FC 24 is the most expensive FIFA of all time, as we've already reported. However, you can avoid the substantial price increase by utilizing various methods.

Before diving into tips and tricks for discounts on EA FC 24, you should know which version you intend to purchase. You can buy either the Standard or Ultimate Edition, which significantly differ in their pre-order bonuses. Furthermore, there are stark differences among various consoles, such as between the PS4 and PS5.

If money isn't an issue, and you just want to get the game conveniently, you can pre-order EA Sports FC 24 for all platforms via Amazon:

Buy EA FC 24 Cheaper: Discount & Codes For The New FIFA 24

Nobody likes paying $69.99 for the Standard Edition or $99.99 for the Ultimate Edition, so we present you with various ways to save your money. The classic approach is through EA Play.

EA FC 24 Discounts: EA Play Is The Easiest Way

As evident from the image below, the EA Play membership, costing €3.99 per month or €24.99 per year, allows you to play the game for ten hours once EA releases the Ultimate Edition. An advantage is that with EA Play (or EA Play Pro), you also gain access to other EA games like Madden NFL 24 or F1 23.

EA Play Pro costs €14.99 per month or €99.99 per year. You get the Ultimate Edition of EA FC 24 along with all the bonuses listed in the image below or in our comparison of EA FC 24 Ultimate & Standard Edition.

EA FC 24 EA Play FIFA 24
The Benefits of EA Play Pro for EA FC 24. | © EA

If you're wondering about the "missing" ten-hour early access, rest assured that this is not an issue with the EA Play Pro subscription. The Ultimate Edition allows you to enjoy the game immediately after release without the ten-hour gameplay limitation.

But the most appealing part of EA Play is the 10% discount when purchasing EA Sports FC 24. Initially, ten percent might not sound like much, but it adds up with these sums. Additionally, you also get discounts on FIFA Points purchases (although we don't recommend it).

However, this is only useful if you want to get more EA games than just EA FC. Keep that in mind.

Discount Codes for EA FC 24: How to Obtain a Discount

Aside from EA Play, there's another way to get EA Sports FC 24 at a reduced price: through discount keys. Here, we've linked you to a comparison site where you can acquire keys for EA FC 24 and purchase the game at a discounted rate. Currently, EA FC 24 is offered there for slightly over $40. All copies there are provided without warranty.

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