FIFA 22: Featured TOTW Is Whack

"The Team of the Week always contains some phenomenal cards!" Have any of you ever heard someone say that? At least I haven't yet. EA promised some cool card upgrades for FIFA 22 with the Featured TOTW, but so far - drum roll - nothing has happened.

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Could be really cool and really easy to do... | © Blogday

Was it just me, or were other FIFA players a bit hyped about the announcement of the Featured TOTW as well? The example of Jude Bellingham getting an upgrade from 79 to 84 looked pretty tasty. Well, it's now taken five weeks for Jude to destroy enough opponents in real life for EA to include him in the TOTW. What now? Did he, or at least another interesting player, get that upgrade? Spoilers, he didn't.

Featured TOTW in FIFA 22: What a Waste

Actually, the idea of the Featured TOTW is quite nice and certainly still has a lot of potential. Since new events in FIFA take place almost every week now, the TOTW has lost its prestige. The Featured TOTW is great to have at least one more interesting player per week in the TOTW, isn't it? Actually yes, but the way EA currently selects the players, the new feature stinks more than Barcelona without Messi.

Let's be honest, the mode in FIFA 22 is worse than in previous years, and only grits comes with the red Player Picks anyway. Sorry, grits! Sure, in some weeks, 95% of the footballers under 80 rating play like crap, but as for TOTW 5... I'm really at a loss for words. With Ansu Fati and Jude Bellingham, two of the most exciting young players have demolished their respective leagues. So, logically, who gets the crazy upgrade? Of course, Damián Suarez, right back from Getafe FC. Current market value: 10,500 coins.

At least it's a strong link with Federico Valverde, so what am I crying about?

FIFA 22: TOTW Sets and Playerpicks

Maybe, just maybe, it really would be better if the community got to vote for the Featured TOTW player each week, as this post on Reddit suggests:

The "Featured TOTW" card should be fan voted every week. No reason for anyone to be picked ahead of both Fati and Bellingham. from FIFA

At least then it's a certainty that some OP players will always be elected, just like the TOTY. Maybe it doesn't really matter in the end, and I get upset for no reason. I mean, who even needs the TOTW if new events start every week?

My advice for you: Save those Premium TOTW Sets and every possible Player Pick until the Best of Team of the Week, which will be released (at least in FIFA 21) towards the end of November. And be sure to complete the SBC of Bundesliga POTM Florian Wirtz, that's some good value right there.