FIFA 22 POTM April: It's Nkunku in Bundesliga | Ronaldo in PL | Benzema in LaLiga

In FIFA 22, there are once again Player of the Month cards in Ultimate Team. The community can vote and the player with the most votes is then available as a POTM SBC.
FIFA 22 POTM April Nkunku Ronaldo
All POTMs in FIFA 22. | © Bundesliga via Twitter / EA Sports / EarlyGame

The Player of the Month is always something special. Sometimes we get a great player for a fair price, sometimes useless players, and sometimes CR7 is POTM, which is cool, but nobody got the coins for him. Either way: The POTM cards are an important part of Ultimate Team.

FIFA: All POTM SBCs and Votings

The POTM SBCs are always available for a limited time – but longer than the standard SBCs. In the top leagues, the FIFA community can even vote which card they want to see in the game. There are damn cheap SBCs and overpriced ones. In the end, EA decides. As always.

Check out our SBC Guide if you want to know how to solve SBCs in general. If you don't know how to get the POTMs we got your back. By the way, you can always vote on the EA website who you think should be the player of the month.

POTM Premier League April – Cristiano Ronaldo

April POTM is big Cris, the CR7, the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo (ST, 94 OVR). The card is a pretty decent upgrade, but he just got an amazing TOTS card so I don't really see a lot of people going for this one.

FIFA 22 PL POTM April Cristiano Ronaldo
I mean... it's not bad! But it will be too expensive. | © Futbin

POTM Bundesliga April – Christopher Nkunku

April POTM Christopher Nkunku (ST, 92 OVR) can still be completed by June 10th. This is Nkunku's third consecutive Bundesliga POTM - a record. Nkunku's Bundesliga TOTS card will thus receive at least a 98 OVR.

Nkunku potm
Nkunku is playing his best season ever. | © Futbin

POTM Serie A April – Marcelo Brozovic

Brozovic SBC POTM
Looks good but... TOTS are coming. | © futbin

POTM Ligue 1 April – Vote is coming up

POTM LaLiga April – Karim Benzema

Benzema POTM SBC
Machine. | © futbin

POTM Eredivisie April – Davy Klaassen

Klaassen POTM SBC
It's TOTS time... he should've been better, EA... | © futbin

FIFA 22 POTM-Tracker: All Players of the Month

We show you all the player of the months in FIFA 22 and list the POTM cards here. These were the players of the month during the season:

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Be sure to keep an eye on this article, we'll regularly update the latest POTM SBCs here. And we'll keep you up to date when votes go live, and when players are confirmed.