Division Rivals Glitch – EA Disables Claiming Rewards

FIFA fans have discovered a new glitch: Division Rivals Rewards can be claimed as often as you like.

Division Rivals Glitch
What's this Positive Play EA's talking about? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Once again a new FIFA 22 glitch has been discovered by the community – this time it hits EA Sports where it hurts the most: Division Rivals Rewards can be claimed indefinitely. Why should anybody grind Weekend League or constantly complete the latest SBCs when you can get the best cards in Ultimate Team like this?

Division Rivals Rewards Glitch – How To Do It

The player is obviously French and since I didn't learn French in school (latin gang, where you at?), I have to rely on Twitter's translation feature... well, in his tweet he writes something along the lines of:

The packs disappear and reappear all the time, that's the bug. However, you can recover them every time (the packs can be opened and never contain the same players).

Wait wait wait, slow down there, chief. If you claim your Division Rivals Rewards via the Web App, for example, and repeatedly log into your account, your rewards will show up time and time again. No idea if there is a limit, but it seems like many users are able to repeat the procedure as often as they'd wish. EA screwed up big time there...

Does EA Ban Players For Abusing Glitches?

Regarding FIFA, EA Sports is a huge advocate of fair play – well, obviously, it's a football simulation. On their website players are encouraged not to gain an advantage over other Ultimate Team users through exploits, cheats, design errors, bugs or other problems.

By the way, for FIFA 22 we've already seen that EA doesn't think twice about punishing glitch abusers. At the beginning of the FIFA year the "no loss glitch" was very popular among players – Pepperidge Farm Remembers. It guaranteed players easy undefeated runs in the Weekend League due to not counting any losses.

Even back then it's been stupid that players exploited this bug and EA – rightly so – punished them for it. A total of 30,000 accounts were kicked out of the game for a week. Is EA going as hard against the glitch abusers again this time? In the meantime EA disabled players claiming their rewards while their team is investigating the issue.