Jerseys From The Oldest Club In The World In Ultimate Team!

Sheffield FC jerseys are currently available in Ultimate Team. It is the oldest club in the world! How do you get the kit?

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Sheffield FC's jersey! | © EA Sports

Sheffield FC was founded in England on October 24, 1857, and is the oldest club in the world. The founders of the club are not only its fathers, but also the fathers of organized club football. 164 years later EA SPORTS is celebrating Sheffield FC's birthday with a nice campaign in FIFA 22.

Sheffield FC Kits In Ultimate Team For Free!

The campaign is called "No GOAT without the FOAT" – no best of all time without the first of all time – the developer pays homage to Sheffield FC and recalls its origins. You can unlock the original 1857 jersey in Ultimate Team mode by completing a few tasks. It's really easy. You can complete the tasks in any FUT mode, here are the quests:

  • Play four games with at least five players from England in the starting line-up
  • Score three goals with a player from England
  • Win a match where you score at least two goals

As you see, it doesn't take a lot of time to get the red and black jersey. Especially during the week you can complete the tasks rather quickly – especially when it comes to such a historic club.

By the way, Sheffield FC only plays in the eighth English division, so it's even cooler that EA also honors clubs like that in Ultimate Team. EA has also introduced the "FOAT Code". A small rulebook that recalls the origins of Sheffield FC and thus also of football – of course, adapted to the requirements of the digital world. The code aims for fair cooperation in FIFA 22, five basic rules have been drawn up.

According to that the game should not be left in anger, no time should be wasted, a replay should only be started for outstanding goals, not every sweaty goal should be celebrated and the flow of the game should not be interrupted by breaks. Easier said than done. Those of you who play the Weekend League know that these rules are disregarded by some players.