PS4 Lags In FIFA 22: Where Is The Fun?

In FIFA 22, the community complains about the many lags in the menu – on the PlayStation 4. Are these lags getting fixed? Or are we forced to buy the PS5?
FIFA 22 PS4 Lags Bugs Problems FUT
Many bugs, but no patch in sight... | © EA Sports

There are still quite a few PS4 players in FIFA 22. And they really have a tough time this year. For example, those who like to conclude SBCs, make some deals on the transfer market or build teams, have to have a lot of time and patience this year. Because these lags do not only trigger, they seem like an intended action by EA. As if they wanted us to buy the next gen consoles...

PS4 Lags In FIFA 22: Will We Get A Patch?

Unfortunately... Nope. There have already been a few title updates in FIFA 22, so EA Sports often had the opportunity to make our experience more pleasant. But they didn't. The lags are still there, the menu is damn slow. We don't think that EA will change anything about that. In fact, there already have been quite a few lags and delays in FIFA 22 that the community was upset about – but at least they were fixed.

What Are The Reasons For The Lags In FIFA 22 On PS4?

Interesting: The PS4 menu feels like FIFA 06 on the PS2, while on the PS5, it is completely fine. Strange. Exactly in the year that a new console hits the market, there are such annoying lags on the PS4. Of course, there is no official confirmation concerning that subject, but maybe EA wants to get the PlayStation 4 players to buy the PS5. Which, by the way, is not even possible at the moment.

In general, it's just that EA Sports doesn't really care about the old console anymore. If there are lags and delays, that's not as much of a problem as on the new console. However, we strongly question the fact that the publisher has not yet noticed any of the problems...

What Can I Do Against The PS4 Lags in FIFA 22?

Buy a PS5 and give up the fight. All jokes aside, we thought about how to get fix these issues best. The only simple solution is the Web App. If you want to complete SBCs, build teams or open your sweet rewards, just turn on your PC or take your phone and access the FIFA 22 Companion app. There, you can do everything that you want to do.

You should then mainly use your console for gaming, after all, the gameplay is very nice on the PS4. So let's hope EA will fix these lags someday... maybe for Christmas? Don't get your hopes up too high, though...