Skill-Tutorial: Top 3 Skills in FIFA 22!

You want to dribble past several players and then score a goal in FIFA 22? Not as hard as you think. We will show you the top 3 skills and how to do them!
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The right stick is the star of the show! | © via YouTube KingSunny27-Pro Fifa 22 Tutorials

In FIFA 21, the Bridge, Elastico and La Croqueta kept us busy. Did you manage to defend against these skills? We found it extremely difficult. So, what's the situation in FIFA 22? Which skills can you rely on to destroy your opponents with?

The Best Skills In FIFA 22

We are still in the early stages of FIFA 22, so skills can always evolve and either get better or worse with every new patch. Keep an eye on this article, we will keep updating it according to the latest meta.

Let's start with the first skill: Ball Roll Scoop Turn. We already know this skill move from FIFA 21, it was already part of the meta there. You use it by doing a ball roll first (hold the right stick to the left or right) and then the scoop turn (works similar to the ball deception with square and X). With this trick you can pick up speed and leave your opponent behind. Prerequisite is a player with 5-star skills, and you already know who the best 5 star skillers in the game are.

The next skill move has more than earned the title of meta-skill. Especially since the finesse long-range shots are so OP, it is important to be able to move effectively into the middle. For this, a very simple flick is really strong. You do it by holding L1 and R1 and then just moving the right stick in the direction you want to do the trick in. The perfect situation for this? When you're on the wing with Lionel Messi, the best player in FIFA 22, and then pull into the middle for a long shot. Give it a try!

It's about to get a bit more complicated. For the following skill move, you should take a few minutes and practice in the arena. This is about canceling skills. No matter which trick you do, you can cancel it in FIFA 22. And this is really powerful. How does it work? So when you do a trick, let's say La Croqueta, you just have to cancel it while the player is starting the skill by holding L2 and R2 at the same time. This is extremely difficult for the opponent to defend against, as they will assume that you will follow through with the skill move until the end. And then... sike!

The Speed Glitch in FIFA 22

If executing these three skills is too complicated for you, just try the speed glitch - i.e. suddenly start sprinting. So, that means that your player jogs at normal speed, and then you briefly press R2. He then suddenly picks up a bucketload of speed and runs away from your opponent. The best thing about this is, that the trick is so unexpected. Watch a great TikTok about it:


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