The Best Players With 5-Star Skills In FIFA 22

Skills have become more and more important in recent years and in FIFA 22, there are some new tricks to show off. So, who are the best high-skill players in each price category?

Neymar FIFA 22 5 star skills FUT Weekend League
Do you fancy dancing a samba? Then all you have to do is edit the right stick with Neymar. | © EA Sports

Skill has been key to the meta for years. And besides, it's a lot of fun to out skill people, so you want the best players for the job.

In FIFA 22, there are quite a few players with 5-star skills, but because your Ultimate Team is so important to us, we're not just going to show you the highest skilled players, we're going to break it down by price category. So, let's start getting the Elasticos going!

The Best Players With 5-Star Skills In FIFA 22

The two best players you can get for this in Ultimate Team are R9 and Pelé. But since you probably don't have a cool 5-15 million coins lying around in the club, we'll show you alternatives that aren't as obvious as Pelé and R9, but who are still OP - at least for their price range.

For those with the biggest budget, we have Neymar. Who else? The Brazilian has been by far the best-skilled player in the game for years. Of course, he owes this not only to his 5-stars, but also to his outstanding dribbling, his perfectly suitable stature, and the 5-star weak foot, which make him even more unpredictable. So if you got over 900k, you should get this superstar.

Neymar Stats
Neymar is an obvious choice here. | © FUTBIN

The next price category is for those who play regularly, but don't have absolute bank. For this, we have selected two players. Number 1 on our list is Marcus Rashford - 5-star skills, goal-scoring, and inexpensive. If you have 120k for an attacker, we can only recommend the Englishman to you. LF, RF, ST, CAM - this lad really can play any position.

If 120k is too much, and you think highly of meta-players, Ousmane Dembélé is guaranteed to be familiar to you. The guy only costs 70k! But he has 10 stars in total and 86 dribbling. We recommend him even more than Rahsford, simply because the overall package is nicer and Dembélé hits the meta in FIFA 22 exactly. So if you still need an OP meta team for the Weekend League, go for it!

And if you're too poor to get the suggestions so far, don't worry, we do have one left. For just 9k, you can get Saint-Maximin, the perfect player to make your opponent dizzy. Whether on LW or CAM - the Gucci headband is endlessly skillful.

And if even 9k is too much, then Gelson Martins from AS Monaco is a great stopgap solution. 2k, a strong link to Renato Sanches, and a great dribbler. We'd rather have subbed him, but he's still playable in the starting XI.

Everyone's keeping an eye on cheap players. Especially this year: