The Meta Strikers for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

In Ultimate Team, of course, you only want the best players on your team. That's why we're showing you the best strikers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!
Update Meta Stürmer
Who's gonna make it into your squad? | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

If your offense doesn't work, you shouldn't even start the game. Luckily, EA tends to include a lot of decent strikers during their promos. To make sure you don't have to worry about your strikers and can rely on their skills, we've picked some of the best strikers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Since you probably won't be the richest guy in Ultimate Team right now, we have covered different price ranges. Here we go!

The Best Strikers in Ultimate Team

Prime Icon Ronaldo – R9 [8 Million Coins]

Even if only a few can afford one of them, we don't want to ignore the legendary Icons in our ranking. So if you have way too many coins in your wallet, you should take a look at Ronaldo. The one and only.

El Fenomeno has such brutal stats, I don't know how to put it in words. 97 pace, 95 shooting and 95 dribbling – boy, calm down! R9 is just a legend. If you get him, you've finished Ultimate Team. The Brazilian costs you between 7 and 9 million coins. Insane.

TOTY Kylian Mbappé [7 Million Coins]

The next player won't be any less expensive. If you buy Kylian Mbappé, you buy the meta. It's that simple. When the Frenchman starts running (99 pace), nothing can stop him. Even though many people claim that Lionel Messi is the best player in FIFA 22, Mbappé would argue with that.

When you have a few million coins left (or pack him, lol, if that ever happens), you will get a real game changer for your starting XI. Mbappé is once again one of the best players in FIFA 22. Check out his stats.

TOTY Mbappe stats
The present and future of world football. | © Futbin

Flashback Karim Benzema [190,000 Coins]

If you are not a millionaire in Ultimate Team by now (loser), we can show you a great alternative! We just hope you completed the Flashback SBC of Karim Benzema back in the day, because that card really packs a punch.

89 Pace, 85 Shooting and 90 Dribbling are quite a number and somehow, the Frenchman feels extremely balanced in FIFA 22. What do we learn from this? Always keep an eye on current SBCs and don't be afraid to spend a few coins on them.

Erling Haaland – Gold Card [25,000 Coins]

With Erling Braut Haaland, the next shooting star appears in our ranking. The Norwegian will almost certainly move to one of the big clubs next summer. What this lad is doing at Dortmund right now is nothing but world-class.

For around 25K you can get yourself an insane striker (89 pace, 91 shooting) who won't stop for anything (88 physicality). You just have to get him! Especially at the beginning of FIFA it is always advisable to start with a Bundesliga squad. Good players, cheap prices – almost like in real life.

Haaland stats
No doubt about it, he'll be in the 90s soon-ish. | © Futbin

And that's it! That was a quick rundown of the strikers you should look at in your FUT career. What does your OP team look like? If you like to keep track of literally everything, have a look at our FUT calendar – then you will always know which event is coming up in FIFA 22.