FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Meta Center Backs

We're finally moving away from our rundown of the highest-rated players and towards the best in-game players in every position. Because in the end, how they play matters more than the rating. Which meta center backs do we have in each price range?

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Best CB Meta OP
Are you looking for the perfect CB? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

All Ultimate Team players are looking for the best players in each position. Today, we're going to show you which central defenders are the strongest in FIFA 22. To do this, we divided the whole selection into several price categories, so that there's something for everyone.

Note: This is about the best in-game, i.e., meta-players. We already did the highest-rated CBs.

FIFA 22 FUT: Meta Center Backs

Prime Icon Paolo Maldini [2,6 Million Coins]

The best central defender you can get in Ultimate Team is Maldini. But since very few of you are likely to have a cool 2 million lying around in your club, we're going to show you alternatives that are not as expensive as Maldini, but who are also OP – at least for their price range.

RTTK Marquinhos [750.000 Coins]

In the higher price range, we have RTTK Marquinhos. The Brazilian is by far one of the best defender in FIFA 22. This year, he will shine again as a meta card. Minor spoiler: He's not the only Paris Saint-Germain player on this list.

The fact that this year almost every central defender has been given 80 pace or higher suits Marquinhos quite well. The RTTK card is the perfect combination of speed, Defending and Physicality. Oh yeah, and just like four other Parisians, he made the TOTY...

Stats marquinhos rttk
He's cheaper, but is he better? | © Futbin

Versus Fire/Ice Joe Gomez [300,000 Coins]

Among the averagely priced players, it's Fire/Ice Joe Gomez from FC Liverpool who we think is the best CB – even though the Versus event wasn't that cool, there were still a few playable cards. Joe Gomez (no matter which version, they hardly differ anyway, lol, great event) has always been a good meta card.

In FIFA 22 he is really strong once again. 85 Pace, 87 (89 with Ice) Defending as well as 84 (82) Physicality are simply amazing. In addition, he plays in probably the strongest league of the world at one of the top clubs. So… he's pretty easy to link as well.

Presnel Kimpembe – Gold Rare [7,000 Coins]

Who do we have in the cheapest class for you? Sure, Presnel Kimpembe. Who else? 81 Pace on a CB Gold Card is more common in FIFA 22, but somehow no player seems to be as damn OP as he is. For us, he's even one of the most annoying players ever in FIFA…

Even if it's a bit questionable to play this card as CB – trust us. For around 7K Coins you get a defender who can do everything. Tackle opponents, win duels, intercept balls… no problem at all.

Stats kimpembe gold
Nobody makes me quit FIFA like he does... | © Futbin

And that's it! That was a quick rundown of the centre backs to look out for in your FUT career. What does your personal OP team look like? If you like to keep track of literally everything, have a look at our FUT calendar – that way you'll always know which event is coming up next in FIFA 22.

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