FIFA 22: What Changes Will Title Update 5 Bring Us?

The next title update for FIFA 22 is coming up. With title update number 5, EA releases the next patches. What will change, what will be patched and fixed and how will this affect gameplay?
Title Update 5 FIFA 22
What changes are coming with the 5th Title Update? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Yes, yes, yes. After the patch is before the patch, as Franz Beckenbauer once said. Or, to paraphrase Pelé: "There's always a new title update coming, I swear."

If you're one of those people who also believed that Markus Weinzierl happily peed on the Augsburg newcomer Ricardo Pepi, let me tell you: these quotes are fake. What is not fake is the information about the latest title update. They come directly from the mines (at least that's how we imagine it) from EA's developers.

When is Title Update Number 5 Coming to FIFA 22?

The update is already out for PC (Origin/Steam). As always, the consoles have to wait a few days longer until it is also live on the PlayStation and Xbox. The patch should be there before Friday and the Future Stars.

FIFA 22: What Changes With Title Update 5?

The account 'FIFA Direct Communication' (actually only responsible for messing up and patches) provides us with fresh information about Title Update #5 on Twitter. So much can already be revealed: not much will really change.

If you click through the subsequent Trello card in the tweet, you quickly see: Title Update 5 is only a small patch and mainly has a change for gameplay, especially for defending.

Title Update 5 Changes Interceptions

After the corner glitches were recently fixed (or at least greatly improved), EA is now addressing something that the community has often criticized this year. You know this problem: Your player intercepts the opponent's pass perfectly and the ball moves... right back at the opponent. You can stand and walk properly, but intercepting just doesn't work. This should get better now!

This is what the two items of the title update say:

  • Increased the likelihood of a player retaining the ball after intercepting or blocking a Ground Pass.
  • This change has no effect on how often Ground Passes are intercepted and blocked, it only impacts the outcome of interceptions and blocks.

We expect that after the update, your players will stay on the ball more often after intercepting passes. It also sounds good that they don't intercept passes more often now.

But it is unclear what will happen to the strong R1/RB passes, because the defenders were never really able to bring them under control. And before and after every patch, we also ask ourselves what will be broken by the update this time...