During Premier League TOTS – Flashback Dele Alli SBC In FIFA Released!

In FIFA 22, we've got a new SBC in Ultimate Team: TOTS Flashback Dele Alli. Is the new SBC worth it? How many coins do you need to spend? Let's take a look...

FIFA 22 TOTS Flashback SBC
Dele Alli got a Flashback SBC! | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

The TOTS celebrations in FIFA 22 are in full swing! We have already passed the release of the first couple of teams, and we are being flooded with a huge wave of content during the week as well.

Well friends, it was about time that EA Sports finally released another extremely strong Flashback SBC! What's the challenge all about? Can Dele Alli perform on the virtual pitch? And is it worth it to complete this SBC? Get all the important answers right here, right now!

TOTS Flashback Dele Alli SBC Summary

Dele Alli's Flashback SBC is celebrating his Team of the Season nomination from FIFA 17 and will expire on May 20, 2022. With each subsequent TOTS released in FUT 22, the market value of some players can change significantly. So, it's pretty difficult to say when is the best time to complete this challenge....

LeaguePremier League














Wow. It's not even an exaggeration to say that Flashback Dele Alli has stats like Prime Icon Moments Ruud Gullit. That's a sick upgrade EA gave him. Nothing more needs to be said about his in-game stats – it just depends on how smoothly he can be played on the virtual pitch...

TOTS Flashback Dele Alli Stats
Incredible Upgrade! | © Futbin

Is The Dele Alli Flashback SBC In FIFA 22 Worth It?

In our humble opinion: Yes, definitely! Sure, just under 400K coins is still a ton of money, even at this time of the FIFA cycle, but EA Sports could have asked for a lot more for this upgrade. If you like the Flashback card, then just go for it!

Pro Flashback Dele AlliCon Flashback Alli
  • Incredible Upgrade
  • PL & England Links
  • Bit too expensive

Flashback Alli SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

What is the cheapest way to complete the TOTS Flashback SBC? If we show you the cheapest solution, it means that this card has a lot to offer! But of course, even with average challenges, you should know how to get the cheapest deal. So let's take a look at the teams you have to swap for Dele Alli:


Flashback Alli England SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Flashback Alli Team 1
Do you have 70K for this squad? | © Futbin

Alli Team 1 SBC Requirements

  • Players from England: Min. 1
  • IF-Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 65
  • Reward: Premium Gold Players Pack

Flashback Alli Top Form SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Flashback Alli Team 2
This one costs around 140K. | © Futbin

Alli Team 2 SBC Requirements

  • IF-Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 87
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 55
  • Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack

Flashback Alli Premier League SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Flashback Alli Team 3
Another 170K to complete the SBC! | © Futbin

Alli Team 3 SBC Requirements

  • Premier League Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 88
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 40
  • Reward: Rare Electrum Players Pack

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