FIFA 23: FUT Birthday Leaks Months Before Its Official Release!

Happy Birthday, Ultimate Team! In every single FIFA, FUT Birthday is celebrated extensively – and there are even some presents like new swaps or strong special cards. We'll show you everything you need to know and tell you what was already leaked months before the release...

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday
FUT Birthday in FIFA 23... why did the event leak already? | © EarlyGame

FUT Birthday is one of the few FIFA events that you can mark in your calendar every year. Birthdays need to be celebrated big time, and EA Sports usually does that with new special cards, tokens, and SBCs.

To be completely honest with you, it will still take some time until the promo starts. So why do we write about it now, while Ultimate Team is all about the FIFA World Cup? Believe it or not, FUT Birthday has already been leaked. And what we know right now looks pretty dope, which is why we want you to see it as well.

FUT Birthday In FIFA 23

With the upcoming FUT Birthday event, it's time for EA Sports to throw the annual birthday party in Ultimate Team. On March 19, 2009, the Canadian developers completely changed the way we play FIFA forever. FUT will be 14 years old with FIFA 23. We do feel extremely old right now... at least we can look forward to improved special cards and a swap system in which tokens can be exchanged for further rewards.

At least that's how it was with FUT Birthday in FIFA 22... tokens were often hidden in an SBC or had to be unlocked as objectives. The grind was worth it, though, as decent packs or player picks could provide some strong cards for your club.

Card Design Leaked Months Before Official Release

Now, let's get to the most exciting part so far: As previously indicated, the leak season for FUT Birthday has already started. This year's FUT Birthday card design has seen the light of day on the internet and looks really cool. When it comes to new special cards, EA Sports really know what they're doing... just take a look at the Path to Glory or World Cup Stars items.

FUT Birthday Release Dates Explained

Similar to the Ones to Watch objects at the start of every FIFA, FUT Birthday always takes place over the same time period – around March 19, to be precise. However, this is not a Friday in 2023, which is why we are assuming the release to happen on March 17, 2023. Whether the event will once again run for two weeks and be expanded with separate mini-releases is currently still unknown.