FUT Birthday Swaps: Token Tracker For FIFA 23

FUT Birthday celebrations in FIFA 23. In the new Swaps event, we can collect tokens and exchange them for rewards. With our tracker, you keep track of where and how you can get all FUT Birthday Tokens. As soon as more rewards are leaked, you will also find them here.

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Swaps Token Tracker
FIFA 23: The FUT Birthday Token Tracker for the Swaps Event – All tokens and rewards. | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

Happy Birthday, Ultimate Team. To celebrate the anniversary of the mode, which was first added on March 19 in 2009, EA is bringing a fitting promo with new Special Cards, Swaps & Tokens – and even Icons this year! All FUT Birthday players can be found here:

In this article, we will focus on the Swaps event. Find out which tokens are already live and how to get them all.

FIFA 23: FUT Birthday Swaps Release – All Tokens and Rewards

Swaps have already started in FUT as of March 20 – during the FUT Ballers. If you grind the Series, you will get a pack for Team 1 of FUT Birthday players. So make sure you complete the FUT Baller SBCs and Objectives.

The FUT Birthday rewards will be live from March 27
, and will be available until April 7. The next FUT event will be already running then, but nobody is pressed for time. As usual, we get the tokens by completing tasks like First Owner Fiesta, Silver Stars, Moments Challenges, and SBCs. A total of 30 tokens will be released – and 4 more will be waiting in the shop.

Don't worry, you won't miss a token here, and can always check out what you have to do. But be aware: it's going to be a tough grind.

FUT Birthday Token Tracker

We'll list all tokens in our table and describe where you can find them and what you have to do. It started with Sævar Atli Magnússon, which we all got for free once we logged into FUT.

You can play the required matches in Squad Battles (min. Semi-Pro) or Division Rivals.

1Atli MagnússonFor Free (FUT Login)04/07
2EmentaFGS Token SBC03/27
3OduahFUT Store Token: 90k Coins03/24

First Owner Fiesta (Play 7 – Win 7)

5GibbsWin 3 matches in Silver Lounge03/29
6AguadoMarquee Matchups SBC: Denmark vs. Finland challenge03/30
7GüntherFUT Store Token: 85k Coins03/31
8WaleedFUT 15 SBC03/31
9IbrahimBirthday Objective Player Joselu:

4 matches w. 2 goals per match

10SilveraBIrthday Party Objective: 4 Goals

with Finesse Shots (R1/RB)

11JurcecComplete Daily Login SBC x404/07
12IsacComplete Daily Login SBC x704/07
13McGlynnComplete Daily Login SBC x1004/07
14PrisoFUT 16 SBC04/01

FUT Birthday Swaps: EA Announces First Rewards & More Leaks

EA announced the first two rewards in their message for the FUT Birthday Event. However, as we know from the past, they might change the rewards or the amount of tokens required. But these are the rewards we know about at the moment.

The official rewards are bolded. If there are more leaks about rewards before the launch, you will find them here.

13x 84+ OVR Pack
3FUT Birthday Team 1 Pack
N/A5x 85+ OVR Pack
N/A7x 84+ OVR Pack
1010x 85+ OVR Pack

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