FIFA 23: New Year in Review SBC – Worst And Best Picks

We got a new Year in Review SBC in FIFA 23, where you can get 1 of 4 players that were SBCs or Objectives during December, January, and February. So, obviously there are a lot of special cards in this selection. We show you the best and worst picks you can get – and if the Year in Review Player Pick SBC is worth the coins.

FIFA 23 Year in Review SBC FUT Player Pick
FIFA 23: The new Year in Review Player Pick SBC in FUT: best and worst players you can pack. | © EA Sports/ EarlyGame

EA is flooding us with all kinds of special cards, and we can grind a lot of tokens in the new Birthday Swaps event.

To celebrate FUT Birthday, EA also released a new Year in Review SBC. We can pick 1 out of 4 players that were featured as Squad Building Challenge or Objective in recent months. We show you how expensive the SBC is, almost all players (as there are A LOT) and reveal whether you should complete it at all...

FIFA 23: Year In Review SBC: Price And Included SBCs & Objectives

Best thing to get would be one of those TOTY Flashbacks or POTM Kylian Mbappé... but it won't be cheap:

Year In Review Player Pick~165k1 out of 4 Player Pick

You'll have to submit two teams in total. One 84-rated and one 86-rated squad. Which is ok – but there are so many good SBCs right now. We'll get to that later.

Year In Review SBC: Best Player Picks

Obviously, you can get 4 players that all suck. To give you an idea, we show you an image with the better players. Let us say it like this: you don't want to pack the vast majority that is included in the Year in Review players.

FIFA 23 player pick year in review sbc
FIFA 23: Year in Review Player Pick SBC: the better options... | © FUT Addict via Twitter

However, we listed the absolute Wins that you can get. Doesn't look too bad...

  • POTM Ligue 1 Mbappé (2.1 Million Coins)
  • Flashback Sergio Ramos (700K Coins)
  • Flashback Sadio Mané (700K Coins)
  • Flashback Lionel Messi (450K Coins)
  • Flashback Cristiano Ronaldo (450K Coins)
  • Flashback Paul Pogba (620K Coins)

Should I Complete The Year in Review SBC?

Well, the chance to pull absolute useless stuff is definitely high. Much higher than the chance on a real banger.

This Year in Review SBC is certainly a high risk SBC – therefore we recommend saving the coins and use your fodder on the best Icon SBCs.

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