FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps: EA Removes Most Attractive Token Pack

The Future Stars Swaps event brings collectible tokens into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team that can be exchanged for rewards like players and packs. After EA Sports initially published the rewards list, they removed the best option on release day.

FIFA 23 Swaps Rewards New EA
EA publishes the rewards for the Future Star Swaps Event – ​​and changes them afterwards. | © EA Sports | EarlyGame

Get your controller. Ready. Goooo!

The grind is back in FIFA 23. We got another Swaps event within the Future Stars promo. Many were already on their way to collect the tokens they needed to secure a wonderful pack.

But on release day, the community was speechless once again: EA adjusted the rewards. Annoying for all of us.

EA Changes Swaps Rewards In FIFA 23

They started by adding a new cheapest option. Instead of 3 we now get something for 2 tokens already. Nice for everyone who doesn't feel like committing to the hard grind, because nobody gets tokens for free.

The problem is that the 11x 81+ players we get with 2 tokens aren't exactly a good reward tbh. Additionally, one option for 10 tokens was simply removed. And that was perfect, because it would have contained 20x 84+ players.

You can find the whole overview in our swaps article. And also which rewards you should get after the change:

New Rewards For Future Star Swaps

With this adjustment, we were deprived of the best option to save a nice pack for more promos or for completing the Icon SBCs. This is just another fail of EA.


Which rewards are you gonna get?

Future stars swaps rewards ea changes
The adjusted new rewards in the Future Stars Swaps event in FIFA 23. | © EA Sports

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