FIFA 23: RTTF Upgrades Explained

The Road to the Final brings dynamic special RTTF cards in FIFA Ultimate Team. We show you who the upgrades are for, and when they will be live in FIFA 23.

RTTF Upgrades Explained
FIFA 23: RTTF upgrades explained in detail. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

The Road to the Final is live in FIFA 23. We get new dynamic special RTTF cards that can get upgrades until the end of the season.

In this article, we explain the stages and different upgrades in detail. You will also find the latest RTTF upgrades in our tracker:

FIFA 23 RTTF: Road to the Final Upgrades Explained

RTTF cards are dynamic special cards. Players get boosted stats once for the start of the event ​​and can then get even higher stats and ratings. The upgrades are dependent on the results of the teams in real life – and we'll see different upgrades for each step towards the trophy.

Since the cards can be upgraded until the end of the season, RTTFs are perfect for trading. The included players get their upgrades in any case – no matter if they were part of the squad or not.

How RTTF Upgrades Work In FIFA 23


Win the first knockout game after campaign launchOVR Upgrade
Qualifying for the Round of 16 (UEL or UECL only)OVR Upgrade
Qualifying for the quarterfinalsOVR Upgrade
Qualifying for the semifinalsOVR Upgrade + new Traits
Qualifying for the final5 Star Weak Foot Upgrade
Winning the tournament (UCL, UEL or UECL)

OVR Upgrade + 5 Star Skills Upgrade

EA will award Inform upgrades this season. This leads to exciting upgrades, because players under 87 OVR get +2 OVR with just one upgrade (so from 86 they get up to 88 with one upgrade).

New traits are dependent on the positions of the player and traits he already has. If a player already has 5* WF and 5* SM when they reach the respective upgrades, they will get another Inform upgrade instead.

The additional "after campaign launch" is important for the first upgrade. Let's take a look at the Champions League for an example. Players from Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund won their round of 16 first leg, but these took place before the start of the promo. These clubs will focus will on the second leg. If they win this match and qualify for the quarterfinals, they will get a double upgrade!

RTTF Upgrade Release Dates

As EA upgrades players a bit after their respective matches, you can find the full list of RTTF upgrade release dates here:

  • February 24
  • March 17
  • April 21
  • May 19
  • June 12
Road to the Final Upgrades explained FIFA 23
RTTF upgrades in FIFA 23: Road to the Final upgrades explained. | © EA Sports

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