FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Already On PS5: Another Big EA Fail

Fails and EA Sport go together, like Francesco Totti and AS Rome or Cristiano Ronaldo and the Champions League – or the World Cup and FUT. But this is a fail we're very happy about, as it's giving us content ahead of schedule.

FIFA 23 World Cup Modus
EA have just messed up again – they've released the World Cup Mode too early! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports / FIFA

We're all hyped for what is probably going to be the last World Cup Mode ever developed by EA Sports. We got confirmation of this World Cup Mode in Ultimate Team a while ago, but we didn't expect to be able to play it until November. But thankfully, EA Sports have already made the mode available for PlayStation users, almost certainly by accident.

You Can Start The World Cup Mode On PS5 Today!

Yes, you read that correctly. EA and Sony have – probably by accident – given us the opportunity to start the World Cup Mode a month before the planned release. We now know how extensive the mode is, and we're very happy with the overall design. Although, somewhat predictably, it seems like Kylian Mbappé will be the star for this game mode as well.

To actually start the game mode, you had to press the PS-Button and then click on Multiplayer Activities, if you're on PS5. In this menu, you are then able to select the World Cup Mode and load it up. You can access it this way, and take a look at all the options available in the World Cup Mode. Unfortunately, you can't play any matches or open packs yet, but we've now seen the design and available options. Not bad considering we're still a month away from launch.

Check it out:

And for those who want to learn even more about this new mode, here's some more info on the World Cup in FIFA 23: