With Niklas Süle: Potential Dortmund Lineup In FIFA 23

It's a sensation in the Bundesliga: Niklas Süle is leaving FC Bayern Munich on a free transfer and moving to Borussia Dortmund. Of course, that raises the question for us: What could the Dortmund line-up look like in FIFA 23?
Sule Dortmund
Niklas Süle will play for Dortmund in FIFA 23. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Well, what's going on here? We were so shook that we even dropped our controllers in overtime: Niklas Süle (26 years old) moves from FC Bayern Munich to Borussia Dortmund. Why? Doesn't the guy want to be champion anymore? Shots fired.

No, seriously: We definitely like this move much more than if he were to go to the new sheikh club Newcastle. Nevertheless, the transfer to BVB is very surprising. This is an exclamation mark for the Borussia. Most of us thought that Süle would go abroad. Instead, Dortmund can welcome another German international in their squad.

For us, of course, this raises one question above all: What will Borussia Dortmund look like in FIFA 23?

Süle Moves To BVB: This Is What Dortmund Could Look Like In FIFA 23

It is pretty much a fact that Erling Haaland will leave the club. Speculations are still hot, but as we said: In FIFA 23, the super striker from Norway will no longer be seen in the black and yellow jersey. Like, we're... 99% sure. That's why we left him out in our "line-up prediction".

But top talent Karim Adeyemi (20) could come in from Red Bull Salzburg. In our opinion, they're not good with one new defender either. Dortmund just isn't stable enough at the back this season. Nico Schlotterbeck (22) from SC Freiburg is one of the newcomers of the season (although his Headliner card is crap). We would also like to see him in Dortmund.

There would be a few potential next "Future Stars" that could fit well in the squad. A little daydreaming is probably also allowed. That's why we placed Ousmane Dembélé (24) from FC Barcelona in this line-up. A return to BVB would just be nice. His contract is expiring, so that's not totally crazy either.

Overall, our provisional line-up for Dortmund in FIFA 23 looks like this:

Sule Dortmund
Süle in the BVB kit... it will take a while to get used to that. | © futbin

Very powerful squad. But is that enough to seriously challenge FC Bayern in terms of the championship? We doubt it... Haaland would probably have to be kept AND the squad strengthened with Süle (and Dembélé or more).