When Will FIFA 22 Be On Game Pass?

You want to play FIFA 22 but don't want to spend money on it? If you've waited until 2022 and haven't gotten FIFA yet, then wait a little longer. FIFA 22 was added to EA Play and will be available for free on Game Pass soon.
FIFA 22 Game Pass
When is FIFA 22 coming to Game Pass? | © Xbox / EA Sports / EarlyGame

FIFA 22 has been available in stores since October 1st, 2021. If you are a late gamer in FUT or have played FIFA 21 up to now, then you will soon be able to download FIFA 22 for free. At least if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play Pro.

EA has now announced an official release date for Game Pass. At the end of June, Xbox players can finally get their hands on FIFA 22.

In the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's premium membership, games appear monthly, which can then be downloaded for free. PlayStation's players know this from PS Plus.

When Is FIFA 22 Available On Xbox Game Pass And EA Play?

We expect a Game Pass release after June 7th – then the exclusive Sony deal with EA will expire.

And we were right about that! It will be included in The Play List as of June 23rd.

How Can I Download FIFA For free in Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members get EA Play. EA Play Pro is only available on the PC platforms of EA, Origin and the EA App. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members get EA Play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

From June 23, FIFA 22 will then appear in The Play List on consoles.

How Long Is FIFA 22 Available On EA Play And Game Pass?

FIFA 22 is available in Game Pass and Play List for your console until July 31, 2022.

Microsoft and EA Sports have been working together for years, and the publisher's sports games are an important part of the Game Pass games. It's nice that we then can play FIFA 22 for free. But just between us: Of course we got the pre-order-version, immediately invested 20k in FUT and grinded day and night from day 1. Congratulations if you're one of those who have waited until now.

And therefore, in case you didn't know, FIFA 22 is a completely different game on the next gen consoles than on Xbox One and PS4.

Speaking of PlayStation... is FIFA 22 coming to PS Plus also?

Is FIFA Coming To PS Plus?

Yes, FIFA 22 was free for PS Plus members until the beginning of June. That's very pleasant because it means the game is available for free for the PlayStation and for the Xbox. Just in time for the remaining highlights of the season.