EA's Statement After the Death of Riuler

Riuler Faustino played in the Japanese J-League for Shonan Bellmare. But after the sudden death of the young Brazilian, EA Sports has made a statement to clarify what will happen to the midfielder in FIFA.

Riuler Faustino FIFA 22
Riuler has tragically passed away at 23 | © EA Sports

This morning's news hits to the core. Riuler has died in Japan at the age of 23. The midfielder played for Shonan Bellmare in the J-League, the top division in the country.

The cause of death has not yet been determined, but there is talk of a heart attack or failure. On November 24th, the media reported the first news about the unexpected and tragic death of the young Brazilian. His club stated that the entire club "is very saddened by the sudden death" and "our deepest condolences belong to his family."

Riuler de Oliveira Faustino, to use his full name, completed 7 appearances for the U17 national team and moved from Brazil to Japan in 2019.

Professional Football Player Riuler Dies – EA's Statement

EA Sports made a statement on November 29th. The question on every FIFA players mind was obvious: will he be removed from FUT. The publisher has now clarified this question for FIFA 22.

The developer spread the news of Riuler via in-game messages, and explained what the consequences for FUT are.

Riuler Removed from FIFA 22 & Ultimate Team After His Death

In Ultimate Team, the price of the card can repeatedly increase after the death of a player. To put a stop to something distasteful like this occurring, EA has intervened and removed Riuler (for the time being) from the game.

The FIFA menu reads: FIFA Community. We are saddened by the passing of Riuler. To respectfully honor his legacy, we will do the following:

  • Riuler will be removed from Shonan Bellmare in FIFA.
  • Riuler's FUT items will no longer be available in packs.
  • Riuler's FUT items price ranges will be permanently fixed at their current value.
Riuler FIFA 22
EA's message to Riuler | © EA Sports

EA also expresses its condolences to the family. We of course would like to do the same, R.I.P. Riuler, our thoughts are with you and our condolences go to your family and friends. We hope we'll see each other again one day – even if it's only in FIFA.