FIFA Ultimate Team All Special Items Explained

FIFA is currently available as a free download. We explain the features of the special items in FIFA Ultimate Team to all newcomers.

FUT Consumables
These are the different special items in FUT. | © EA / EG

What are special items in FIFA? There will be a lot of new players who have grabbed FIFA 22 for free in the Game Pass or in the PlayStation Store and don't know what to do with the special items. There are so many items that we have to give a rough overview before we start with the details.

Consumable items, chemistry styles, contracts, in-forms, special cards, the list goes on. In this article we will explain you in detail the meaning of the special items in FIFA Ultimate Team. If you're wondering what a Team of the Season (TOTS) is, you can check it out at this link.

FIFA Ultimate Team Special Items

Here is an overview about all special items which are currently available in FIFA 22. You can find the exact explanations of the objects in the respective section further down in the article.

  • Special Cards (In-Forms, TOTS, OTW etc.)
  • Consumable items (contracts, chemistry style)
  • Club objects (stadiums, kits, balls)

FIFA Ultimate Team Special Cards Explained

Special cards are objects that upgrade players' stats. The most common special card are the In-Forms, which are released every Wednesday at 18:00 BST (19:00 CEST) with the Team of the Week (TOTW). This always contains the players who have performed in the weekend in real life, who have scored three goals, for example. Then the stats of the regular card are improved and a special card of this player, available for a limited time, appears on the market.

Romero IF
Romero could upgrade his card by performing well for Tottenham. | © EA / EG

In-Forms are not the only special cards available in FIFA Ultimate Team. The number of promos and FUT events in FIFA 22 has increased to the point where even we sometimes lose track. From Numbers Up to Silver Stars or FUT Fantasy there were new cards all over the market. We will write a detailed article about ALL special cards in FUT, you will find the link here.

The best known and best special cards come from the Team of the Year (TOTY) and Team of the Season (TOTS). That's where players get the fiercest upgrades based on real-life achievements. You'll be seeing these blue-designed cards on your opponents' team a lot now, so you'd better start the FUT grind now, so you can counter with similarly good players.

The prices of the special cards on the transfer market are dynamic, i.e. they vary according to supply and demand. Before you rush into buying players, you should familiarize yourself with trading tips.

What Are FIFA Ultimate Team Consumable Items?

The consumable objects are differentiated between contracts, chemistry styles, position changes, healing cards and manager leagues.

FIFA Ultimate Team Consumable Objects - Contracts

In Ultimate Team you need the consumable objects primarily to extend contracts of players and managers. Don't worry, the players are not immediately gone when the contract expires, but you simply can't use them until the corresponding contract object has been applied. In earlier FIFA games this was a real hassle, but now you can equip the contracts on the cards quickly and easily.

These are the different consumable objects. | © Futbin

FIFA Ultimate Team Consumable Items - Chemistry Styles

A chemistry style improves certain stats on a FUT card. The best known and best chemistry styles are Hunter and Anchor. Hunter improves the speed value ingame by +10 and the shooting by +7, Anchor gives +5 on speed and +6 on DEF and PHY each. It is therefore essential to use the appropriate chemistry style on each card in your team. You should always try to upgrade the important stats of the respective position group. Cristian Romero above would then be given the Anchor.

We will explain all chemistry styles and their effects in detail in a separate article.

FIFA Ultimate Team Consumable Objects - Position Change

The name says it all. Just make sure that your players are actually in the right position, otherwise you will get deductions in the chemistry. You can only change a position in the position group, i.e. change a CM to a CDM or vice versa. You can't change a CM to an RM, because he plays on the wing.

FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables - Healing Cards

If one of your players gets injured during a match, you have to use a healing card. If you do not heal the injured player, he will have to rest in the next match. However, injuries don't happen too often.

FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables - Manager League

If your team chemistry is not at 100, you can increase it with the appropriate manager league. Use the league that is represented most often in your squad and your team chemistry will increase. Normally you always have 100 chemistry anyway, so the manager league is only necessary at the beginning of the FUT year.

FIFA Ultimate Team Club Objects

These are all club objects in FUT:

  • Badges
  • Stadium
  • Kit
  • Ball

The club objects are only cosmetic, they neither improve the players' stats nor the team in general. But a nice stadium with a cool ball and cool kits are a must. In FIFA 22 you can design your stadium according to your own preferences, choose banners and play fan chants. Alternatively, you can also play in the classic licensed stadiums. Some of the coolest kits are often only available via a Squad Building Challenge (SBC), so always keep your eyes open.