The Worst SBCs In FIFA 23

Squad Building Challenges are the daily content in FIFA 23, but it feels like we got more bad SBCs in this game than ever before. We'll show you the worst SBCs in FIFA 23, these are the cards you should never complete.

FIFA 23 worst sbcs
N'Golo Kanté FUT Birthday and 2nd POTM Kylian Mbappé are among the worst SBCs in FIFA 23. | EarlyGame

Squad Building Challenges are our daily bread in FIFA 23. At 6 PM it's content time, you scroll through the menu with excitement. But on many days you are simply disappointed. Either the cards are far too bad and don't fit into the power curve of the ratings at all, or the cards are grossly overpriced. There are already so many negative examples that we can't fit them all into one article.

We will also dispense with a large part of the already expired SBCs in this article and only advise you against current SBCs. FUT Birthday has always been a popular promo, but not only the FUT Birthday Team 1 and 2 were rather disappointing, the SBCs also left a lot to be desired. Hopefully this will be better for the Team of the Season!

FIFA 23: The Worst SBCs

What are the reasons why an SBC is "bad"? First of all we have to state that every player evaluates an SBC differently, so it could be that our opinions differ for some players. But that is not a bad thing. An SBC is bad if the rating doesn't fit the power curve, the SBC is overpriced or the player already owns a better live card.

You shouldn't complete an SBC if it means giving up all your coins or all your fodder in the club. Many of the cards are only playable for a few weeks before replacements are released, turning the previous SBC into fodder itself.

Bad SBCs are just completely overpriced in the first place. And for no good reason. The best recent example is Premier League POTM Bukayo Saka. The Englishman has been given an 88 POTM card, and the SBC costs around 130,000 coins. That is relatively expensive, but you have to take into account the fees for the position (attacker), the league (Premier League) and the nation (England). So the price would be just about acceptable (though we'd never pay 130k for an 88 in April).

But the point here is: Saka already has an 88 card that costs 55k on the market! Even worse, he has an 89 TOTY honourable mention card! It makes no sense at all to complete the PL POTM Saka.

The Worst SBCs In FIFA 23: N'Golo Kanté FUT Birthday

N'Golo Kanté is a really cool player who, fittingly, was given a FUT Birthday SBC on his real birthday. Too bad his SBC costs 1,730,000 coins! A totally unjustified price for a marginal upgrade on his Winter Wildcard, which costs 800k on the market. The player Kanté is not bad in-game - on the contrary, he is a good defender – but the price is outrageous.

We are already in April, the Team of the Season is getting closer (small spoiler: Kanté will not be in the Premier League TOTS). The TOTS will launch many cards that are significantly better and significantly cheaper than Kanté. Better save your fodder for one of the best icon SBCs in FIFA 23.

Kante fut birthday fifa 23 stats
Kanté FUT Birthday is too expensive! | © Futbin

The Worst SBCs in FIFA 23: 93 OVR POTM Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé is the best player in FIFA 23 after TOTY icon Ronaldinho, so who is surprised that the cover star gets such a privilege? The meta fits the French superstar perfectly, his gold card is still more expensive than most promo cards. And that is completely justified.

What is not justified at all is the price of his second POTM. For the SBC you have to pay almost 5 million coins! Who has that many coins, please? That's right, hardly anyone. And then you have to convert these coins into fodder, which I wouldn't want to do.

By the way, his 93 OVR Road to the World Cup card only costs 4.2 million coins and is tradable. What is this? EA probably wanted to prevent many players from completing this SBC with this pricing, because something similar happened a few months ago with the 92 POTM or with Mid Jairzinho, which you meet in every Weekend League.

If you have Gold Mbappé, then the 4.5 million +2 upgrade for the POTM is definitely not worth it. Hands off this scam!

Mbappe potm fifa 23
Just not worth it for this price. | © Futbin

The Worst SBCs in FIFA 23: Ilkay Gündogan And Ben White Showdown

This current Showdown SBC is a disgrace! Gündogan costs more than 700,000 coins, White about 350,000 coins. For 90 OVR players this is just a bad joke. Yes, the cards can go up to a 92 OVR if they win. Even then the price would be unjustified. First and foremost, Gündogan is far from being a meta player in FIFA 23, and we can very well imagine that we won't see this card in almost any team. The Showdown SBC already has 5,500 dislikes on Futbin, yikes.

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