Fortnite Black Friday 2022: How to get the free Duelist's Grace pickaxe

Fortnite is giving players the free Duelist's Grace pickaxe for Black Friday. We'll show you how to get them.

Fortnite Duelist's Grace Pickaxe
Grab this nice pickaxe for Black Friday! | © Epic Games

We are all eagerly awaiting Black Friday to secure the hottest bargains of 2022 again. And of course there's another little surprise from our favorite Battle Royale game. Every year Fortnite does something for this special day and this time is no different.

This Black Friday you can pick up a free pickaxe called Duelist's Grace. Here's how to get it.

How to unlock the free Duelist's Grace pickaxe

The Duelist's Grace Pickaxe is described as follows:

Forged by a legendary swordsman, this elegant rapier is eternally sharp. Equip the Duelist's Grace to strike fast, aim accurately, and stay in the fight.

The pickaxe will only be available through the Epic Games Store. To get them do the following:

  • Open the Epic Games Store
  • Search for the pickaxe name
  • Buy the pickaxe. (Don't worry, it's marked as free)

The Duelist's Grace Pickaxe will be available from November 22nd through the end of the month.

How to get the Duelist's Grace pickaxe on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, Duelist's Grace can only be unlocked for PC users. Namely, the pickaxe will not be available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation devices.

However, once you've gotten the pickaxe via a PC or laptop, it will also be available on other devices in your locker as the cosmetics can be transferred.

It is also possible that the harvesting tool will be included in the item shop at a later date.

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