Fortnite Grapple Glider: All Locations & How To Use It

A new mobility item is in Fortnite! We will show you how to get the Grappler Glider and how it works.

Swing through Fortnite with the Hang Claw. | © Epic Games
Swing through Fortnite with the Grapple Glider. | © Epic Games

With the recent 22.40 update, a new item, the Grappler Glider, came to Fortnite. Players were saddened when the Grapple Glove, which works just like the previous Spider-Man web shooters, was pulled from the game a few weeks ago. But Epic didn't hesitate and brought a new mobility item into play.

Let's show you where to find the Grappler Glider and how it works.

How To Use The Grappler Glider In Fortnite

Unlike the regular hook, the new mobility item allows you to reuse your glider after you've pulled yourself to an object. It is of Epic (Purple) rarity and comes with 10 charges. So you have to be careful when using it and mind your remaining charges.

The item is perfect for quickly escaping from sticky situations. Pull yourself into the air by aiming at a solid surface, then use your glider to land in a safe place.

Where To Find The Grappler Glider In Fortnite

It's actually relatively easy to get the Glider. The item can be found on the ground, in chests, chrome chests, and supply drops. By the way, with the new Dial-A-Drop item you can call an advance delivery at your feet at any time.

So it just takes a bit of luck to find a Grappler Glider. If you search a bit, you should find it quickly.