Fortnite: How to Dislodge a Runaway Boulder with a Slide Kick

In Fortnite Week 1 Season 4 you must kick a Runaway Boulder while sliding. We'll show you how it's done.

Fortnite Slide Kick
New Fortnite Challenge: It's less of a kick, but what does that matter. | © Epic Games

Each week, Epic Games adds new quests for Fortnite players to complete to earn additional XP towards their Battle Pass. Most of these quests are actually relatively easy to complete. But one or the other can sometimes be a bit tricky.

This is also the case with the Fortnite order Dislodge a Runaway Boulder with a slide kick. And there's a reason for that. In Season 4 a new feature, the Slide Kick, appeared. This allows you to slideinto opponents and cause damage to them. And as an exercise, Epic came up with this little Fortnite quest.

Fortnite Quest: Dislodge Runaway Boulders with a slide kick

The hardest part of this quest is finding a boulder first. You can find the best places to do this in the western autumn area of the map near the reality tree.

In this previous guide we have already summarized the best Rollbrocken locations for you.

Once you find a boulder, you have to kick it by sliding into it. The so-called sliding kick doesn't really do much damage. So you should first pick up your pickaxe and bring the stone to about 25 life points.

Once you've done some damage, slide kick the boulder out of the way. It really isn't a difficult task at all, at most, the hardest part would be to find a Runaway Boulder and gain enough momentum to use the slide kick - however, if everything worked, the rock should come off, which in turn will give you 20,000 XP. Here you can find another video about it:

So it wasn't as difficult as I thought it was, was it? We wish you all the best while grinding the battle pass!

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