Doctor Strange is Coming to Fortnite!

It seems like the next Marvel Hero is coming to Fortnite. Creator Tabor Hill posted a YouTube-Video in which he dropped some pretty obvious hints on Doctor Strange!

Everyone who is familiar with Fortnite in the slightest will know, that there are countless crossover skins in the game. May it be video game franchises, comics or even movies and musicians – a huge part of today's pop culture has found its way into Fortnite over the years. Marvel has the most crossover skins of them all, though, and it's going to expand that list by at least one other skin. That we can pretty much confirm: Doctor Strange is arriving on the island sooner than later. Maybe even as a new Battle Pass skin for Chapter 3, Season 2.

Doctor Strange x Fortnite Leaks

Marvel's Doctor Strange is coming to Fortnite. That's what Fortnite leaker HYPEX is claiming at least. He has found some "strange" hints in Creator Tabor Hill's newest YouTube video. At first that video doesn't look suspicious in any way, Tabor is solely showing a teaser pic of the Battle Bus for Chapter 3, Season 2. He does use the words "doctor" and "strange" weirdly often, though. Such as in this sentence:

"I'm so hyped I need a doctor... such a cool feeling to discover the new strange upgrades next season."

Fans pretty much agree: This is not a coincidence. That also wouldn't be the first time that Tabor is hiding clues about upcoming Fortnite collabs, and it looks like he's doing it again. Although we're pretty sure, that Doctor Strange is coming to Fortnite with Chapter 3, Season 2, we have to mention that there hasn't been an official confirmation on that.

Doctor Strange Skin Release Date

If you recall that Spider-Man has been the top tier Battle Pass skin of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, we wouldn't be surprised if Doctor Strange is given the same treatment. Given that Fortnite has been advertising the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters, the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on May 6 would pose the perfect moment for another Fortnite x Marvel collaboration. So it is very likely that Doctor Strange is included as one of the new Battle Pass skins for Chapter 3, Season 2. This would mean he will be released on March 20, 2022.

His Cloak of Levitation would serve as a quirky glider as well, don't you think?

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