Fortnite Falcon Drone: Where to find it & how to use

With the new Fortnite Patch 23.20, a new item, the Falcon Drone, has come to the island. We'll show you where to find them and how to use them.

Fortnite falkendrohne
Find your loot with the Fortnite Falcon Drone! | © Epic Games

The falcon drone was first introduced in the trailer for Chapter 4, Season 1. The item looks incredibly interesting, so it's no surprise that everyone wants it. We'll show you what the drone can do and how to get your hands on it.

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Fortnite Falcon Drones: How To Get Them

It's very easy to get the Falcon Drone since it's part of the normal Fortnite loot pool. So it can be found as loot on the ground, in normal chests, in Oathbound chests, and in Supply Drops. You can use the Falcon Drone as many times as you want in a match.

What Does The Falcon Drone Do In Fortnite

The Falcon Drone is a majestic creature that can help you to a princely victory! Deploy your falcon drone and control its flight. You can set markers and use the falcon call to mark all enemies within a certain radius for your entire team. You can also use the Falcon to open containers, pick up loot, and carry knocked down teammates!

The camera view is placed behind the drone so that you can control your falcon drone better. When you control the drone, however, you should definitely look for a safe hiding place, as you are completely defenseless when flying! The drone can also be destroyed by your opponents, so pay attention. It also has a maximum range, which is displayed to you via its range bar.

In this video you can see some features of the falcon drone:

We keep you up to date as soon as more is known about the new Fortnite item, we'll have all the information you need.

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