Find It In Fortnite Quests: How To Complete & Rewards

Epic Games is doing everything it can to give players as many opportunities to finish their battle pass and here's another! The Find it in Fortnite quests.

Find it in fortnite
Some extra XP to finish your Battle Pass I ©Epic Games

The end-of-season final push for players to complete their Battle Pass is here. That's right, if you haven't been keeping tabs on Fortnite, Chapter 4, Season 1 will end in a matter of days.

To help those that may have slacked off during this season (hey, sometimes you need a break!) Epic Games continuously comes up with new ways for players to earn XP, including the Find It In Fortnite quests!

Find It In Fortnite Quests Explained & Schedule

The Find It In Fortnite quests are a way for players to explore all the things the game has to offer beyond just regular (or Zero Build) battle royale experiences. Epic has highlighted different creator-made maps and modes with tasks to complete that will reward you with XP and even special Locker items.

These quests will be available until Match 8 at 11 am ET, so you have just a few days to complete them!

Find It In Fortnite - All Modes & Quests

There are a total of six modes all with unique quests to complete in each of them. Check them all out down below as well as their own Island Code, so you can start grinding!


  • Creator(s): Bullseye
  • Island Name & Code: Prison Mythic Gungame 6882-8801-3933
  • Genre(s): Guns/Shooting/Gun Game


  • Eliminate 15 Opponents in Prison Mythic Gungame
  • Eliminate 3 Opponents without being eliminated in Prison Mythic Gungame


  • Creator(s): Puzzler, Distortion, Skttlz, FatalFoo
  • Island Name & Code: Deadpines: Zombie Survival 0598-1708-7538
  • Genre(s): Zombies/Guns/Shooting


  • Destroy 500 Zombies in Deadpines: Zombie Survival
  • Earn 10 Crystals in Deadpines: Zombie Survival


  • Creator(s): Zahame
  • Island Name & Code: Machine War 5032-2578-0034
  • Genre(s): Guns/Shooting/Tactical Defense


  • Earn 300 points for your team in Machine War
  • Eliminate 25 Opponents in Machine War


  • Creator(s): PWR
  • Island Name & Code: Murder Mystery | PWR 0583-5944-5318
  • Genre(s): Mystery/Investigation


  • Collect 50 Coins in Murdery Mystery | PWR
  • Win 15 Rounds in Murdery Mystery | PWR


  • Creator(s): SvenP
  • Island Name & Code: Valhalla 0399-0154-2182
  • Genre(s): Open World


  • Open 25 Chests in Valhalla
  • Wander the Realms in Valhalla for 30,000 distance


  • Creator(s): Choupala
  • Island Name & Code: 75 Levels Motorcycle Deathrun 6562-2122-0969
  • Genre(s): Racing


  • Reach 5 Checkpoints in 75 Level Motorcycle Deathrun
  • Complete 75 Level Motorcycle Deathrun

Find It In Fortnite - Rewards

On top of earning some sweet XP for each quest you complete, there are some cosmetic rewards waiting for you after you complete a set number of Find It In Fortnite quests.

These are:

3 total Find it in Fortnite Quests completed:

  • Carbide Creation Emoticon

6 total Find it in Fortnite Quests completed:

  • Human Wheeliam Spray
  • Squaring Off Wrap
Find it in fortnite quest rewards 1920x1080 e76af590754f
Sweet free rewards for all! I © Epic Games

9 total Find it in Fortnite Quests completed:

  • Creativity Calls Emoticon
  • Check the Map Emote

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