Will We See Another Fortnite World Cup Soon?

The World Championship was the largest tournament in Fortnite history to date. Will we see it again soon?
Bugha with the cup. | © EPIC Games

We can all remember those pictures from New York very clearly...back when Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf became world champion after an outstanding performance.

But since that day, we haven't had enjoyed another World Championship in Fortnite. And that's such a shame; the 2019 World Cup in New York was more than just a highlight for Fortnite - It was something special. All Fortnite players imagined what it would be like to stand in Bugha's place. The stadium was noisy, the atmosphere was wild. It must have been an incredible feeling. But will we ever see it again?

After The World Cup

Then, in 2020, the pandemic came and changed everything. The hopes for another World Cup plummeted. You couldn't imagine such an event with so many people... But what now? We are all moving towards a "normal" life again, and the stadiums in football or other sports are getting fuller.

Well, in June 2021. EPIC Games published a message on their homepage. They stated that they did not plan to host in-person events until Q2, 2022.

The second quarter starts on April 1st, 2022 and the situation in the world is getting better and better. And now we're hearing rumors about another World Cup. At the moment nothing is officially confirmed, but we can expect something soon. Another World Championship will surely be high on the list of priorities at EPIC Games.

The World Champion Bugha

Bugha alone took home $3 million at the time. But, what do you do with so much money at this age? The American was just 16 at the time, making him the second youngest esports millionaire of all time. However, he spoke about it in an interview immediately after the win and said:

"I just want to get back home and keep playing Fortnite."

This shows us the mentality of Bugha very clearly. He doesn't rest on his laurels, he just keeps going. He's built different.

Another Fortnite World Cup would also make him very happy...