Green Goblin Fortnite Skin: Price, Cosmetics & How To Get It

Fortnite and crossovers - they just go together. New collaborations are announced again and again. In our weekly series, we introduce you to one Fortnite skin at a time. Today, it's the Green Goblin from Spider-Man.

Fortnite Green Goblin
He tracked Spider-Man all the way to Fortnite Island. | © Marvel / Epic Games

More and more characters from series, movies, or other games have appeared as skins in Fortnite. To make sure you don't lose track of the story behind the characters, we'll keep you in the loop. Our weekly series returns with a lit collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel: The Green Goblin.

Fortnite Skin Green Goblin

The Green Goblin is the arch-enemy of Spider-Man. He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #14. Actually, the Green Goblin was an ordinary man and the father of Peter Parker's best friend Harry. He found the formula for an experimental serum that would increase physical strength and reflexes in a colleague's papers. In his lust for power, he wanted to test it on himself, but the unstable liquid exploded in his face causing a sinister transformation.

He received crazy strong abilities, but the serum also cost him his sanity. He became obsessed with leading the New York underworld and designed his costume to strongly resemble that of a goblin. The glider he invented also allowed him to fly, making him a true terror of the skies. However, his main desire was always to defeat the famous Spider-Man, who always seemed to stop him

Fortnite Grüner Kobold Skin
Can you hear his laugh?| © Epic Games

Chapter 3, Season 1's Fortnite Battle Pass already includes the classic Spider-Man. Inspired by this year's movie, Spider-Man and MJ from No Way Home have been added to the Fortnite item shop, along with other cool Spider-Man cosmetics. Epic previously announced that his enemies would also follow him to Fortnite. And that's how it happened, the Green Goblin suddenly appeared in the Fortnite item shop after being leaked a few days earlier.

How To Get The Green Goblin Skin In Fortnite?

The Green Goblin skin was added on January 28, 2022, as part of the Green Goblin set Fortnite in Chapter 3, Season 1 with Patch 19.10. It is available every now and then in the Fortnite item shop and can be purchased exclusively here.

How Much Does The Green Goblin Skin Cost In Fortnite?

You can buy the Green Goblin skin in the Fortnite Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. The skin is also available within the Green Goblin set with other Cosmetics for 2,100 V-Bucks.

Which Cosmetics Are Included In The Green Goblin Set?

The Green Goblin is part of the set of the same name in Fortnite. The following Cosmetics are included in it:

Outfit Spider-Man (No Way Home)

Grüner Kobold Skin
Green Goblin Skin. | © Epic Games

He will not rest until he destroys Spider-Man.

Super villain and arch-enemy of Spider-Man: The Green Goblin. In fact, he looks very similar to the original from the earlier comics, making him the Marvel character par excellence.

Back Accessory Pumpkin Bomb

Bombs away! | © Epic Games

Norman's favorite weapon, now in a convenient size "TOTAL DESTRUCTION!!!"

You'll notice... These pumpkin bombs are making their way through cosmetics. Here, we have a back bling that gives off a menacing green smoke and grins at you.

Harvesting Tool Pumpkin P'axe

A Jack O lantern! | © Epic Games

Super villains like to stay true to themselves.

A smoking, menacing-looking pumpkin bomb clamped to a stick. Well, as long as you don't blow yourself up with it, it should be fine.

Goblin Glider

Goblin Glider | © Epic Games

Perfect for dragging a friend along on a sightseeing tour.

Here again, we have a glider that you don't hang off the bottom of, but surf on! So very similar to the original vehicle from comics and movies.

Emote Arm the Pumpkin!

Arm the bomb! | © Epic Games

Hopefully, you have a grenade to toss after the emote!

The emote is less explosive than expected, but it's still pretty cool. Once you use the emote, a small floating pumpkin will appear and dance around you.

Loading screen Attack of the Goblin

Fortntie Background
Goblin Vs Spider-Man! | © Epic Games

Does he make you smile? You're about to lose that!

Fortnite is known for its artwork on its loading screens. Once again, a small masterpiece has been created. The loading screen shows a fight sequence between Spidey and the Goblin. In the background, you can see some Fortnite characters who seem to have joined Spider-Man's archenemy list.

We'll be back next week with our Fortnite skin showcase series with another cool collaboration. Until then, check out our other articles on it: Harley Quinn or John Wick!