Indiana Jones is Coming to Fortnite

Indiana Jones is making his Fortnite debut, and here's everything we know about it so far.
Indiana jones fortnite skin
Indiana Jonesy... not he's coming for real. | © Reddit, Fortnite

It's kind of a surprise, but at the same time... not really. With Fortnite skins, it's not that anybody's going "OMG, I can't believe XZY is in the game", it's just that it's a pleasant, expected surprise announcement. At this point... I honestly feel like nothing is unexpected. They could do a skins series on history's worst dictators, and everybody would be like... "yeah, makes sense..."

Indiana Jones Will Come to Fortnite In Chapter 3 - Season 3

This latest rumor comes our way courtesy of... who else but Shiina:

I'm calling the Indiana Jonesy skin now, and also I want to see Indy shoot someone that's doing a dance... because reference.

At this point not much is known about this other than this little leak, but as per usual, more will follow very soon, because that's just how it goes with these. As an old-hat Indiana Jones fan, I'm happy to see the old man make it into the young folks' game, and also I'm looking forward to battling it out with Nathan Drake - because this is kind of the first iteration of the Uncharted x Indiana Jones crossover we all wanted. Also... with the no building mode hopefully becoming a permanent thing, Fornite is finally realizing it's potential as the world's biggest licensed shooter, and Indiana Jones is a welcome and necessary addition to that.