How to get all Fortnite x Marvel: Zero Point War Cosmetics for just $1

Love the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero Point War cosmetics but don't want to pay that much? Then we have an unbeatable deal for you here, where you can get all items for only $1!

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero Point War Cosmetics $1
Who doesn't want a whole bundle of Marvel Cosmetics for just a buck? | © Epic Games

The Fortnite x Marvel: Zero Point War comic series is coming to an end after four months. With each physically purchased issue, players received a code for an exclusive Marvel item, most recently a Spider-Man-inspired outfit!

While many cosmetics later appear in the Fortnite Item Shop as well, some are exclusive to the comics. However, you will soon be able to pick up all the cosmetics plus an additional outfit online! And if you put in a little effort, you can even get it all for under $1.

Use Marvel Unlimited Code on all Fortnite x Marvel: Zero Point War Cosmetics

iFireMonkey discovered that you can use the promotional code "Shehulk" to get a month of Marvel Unlimited for $0.99, which means you'll unlock codes for all Fortnite x Marvel Zero War Cosmetics starting September 28th.

To do that, do the following:

  1. Go to the Marvel Unlimited website
  2. Scroll down until you get to "Select Your Plan" and select "Monthly". Click on "Sign Up" underneath
  3. Create an account
  4. Now enter your card details
  5. Before clicking "Start My Free Trial", click on the "Have a Promo Code?" option.
  6. Enter the code "Shehulk"

If that worked, you will get the information about how your free trial will end in 7 days and when you will be billed for the $1.

Now click on the "Start My Free Trial" option and you're good to go.

The $1 will be charged to your chosen credit card AFTER the free trial period ends. You can only get the Fortnite Cosmetics codes when the official subscription starts and the $1 is charged. In addition, you must have read all 5 issues digitally in order to receive the code for the additional skin via email. You must then redeem this code within 48 hours at

According to the website, Marvel Unlimited Plus memberships are only for U.S. residents available. However, iFireMonkey points out that you only have to select the account region "USA" when you log in or change the account region to USA in your account settings for the registration to work.

Don't forget to cancel your subscription when you've unlocked all of the Fortnite Cosmetics to avoid paying for months to come.

And that's it. Time to enjoy your sweet, almost-free cosmetics!

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