Fortnite x Spider-Verse Skins Allegedly Leak

it's finally happening! Despite plenty of Marvel skins already in the game, fans have been clamoring for Spider-Verse cosmetics to join the battle royale, which will happen with Chapter 3 Season 4.

Spider gwen
We can't wait for a Spider-Gwen skin! | © Epic Games

We've had a total of three Spider-Man outfits already in the game, but perhaps none excite us as having a Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen-themed one, which is allegedly set to occur at some point during Chapter 3 Season 4, according to reliable sources.

Who else but HYPEX comes with fresh information regarding Fortnite's next season? First, he confirmed that it won't be entirely Marvel-themed, but that we can expect skins and cosmetics based on their long gallery of superheroes, including ones dedicated to the Spider-Verse series of films.

How To Get Spider-Gwen Skin In Fortnite

HYPEX didn't just confirm that Spider-Gwen would show up in Chapter 3 Season 4, he went as far as telling us how fans could get their hands on the outfit - as it turns out, Spider-Gwen will be a featured skin in the upcoming battle pass.

As for Miles Morales, we got no information other than it could become a possibility for him to join the item shop during the season. Maybe we could even see a dedicated event to him similar to what happened with Indiana Jones this season.

Of course, even if this comes from very reliable sources, take it all with a pinch of salt, as plans could potentially change within Epic Games, delaying or potentially scrapping the entire cosmetics.

If they do become a reality, they'd join the likes of classic Spider-Man, No Way Home Spider-Man, Spider-Man Zero, and a plethora of their rogue's gallery, expanding the list of Spidey-themed cosmetics.

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