The Matrix Launches into Fortnite: Emote Bundles & Skins

The Matrix has made its way into Fortnite, but what's the deal with Epic Games' latest crossover episode?

Fortnite matrix
Have you seen the new Matrix film? | © Village Roadshow Pictures

A new Fortnite x Matrix Crossover has hacked its way into everyone's favourite Battle Royale. What does this mean? Well, it means a brand new Emote Bundle and – we assume – some new skins now that Matrix: Resurrections has made its way to cinemas. We are still not sure what these skins will be, but a few leaks have suggested a couple of extremely cool skins and items. Let's dive in.

Now, let's give you some context: what is The Matrix? Alright, so The Matrix was a 1999 cult-classic film starring Keanu Reeves (you know, that dude from Cyberpunk 2077?) and Laurence Fishburne. It centred around the main character, Neo, who discovers that the world is a simulation and enters the "real" world, where the human race have been turned into batteries by these giant alien-robot creature... things. It was a whole lot of fun, one of the most iconic movies ever, and a must-see if you haven't already.

Thus, with the release of a highly-anticipated and highly-surprising fourth film, Keanu Reeves is back and it's time to celebrate. What better way to celebrate, though, than with some Matrix content in Fortnite? A few weeks ago, we actually reported on some rumors surrounding whether The Matrix would be coming to Fortnite. Whilst some of those particular leaks are still a bit up in the air, we can confirm something: there are two Emotes and a Wrap available, and you can buy them in a Bundle!

Fortnite x Matrix Emotes & Bundle Details

There are two Emotes and one Wrap that have been added as part of the Fortnite x Matrix crossover. There is also a bundle that includes all of the aforementioned content. The items are described as following...

What are the Fortnite x Matrix Items & Prices?

Item NameItem TypeItem Price
Follow the White RabbitBundle (all inclusive)800 V-Bucks

Neo's Bullet Time

Emote300 V-Bucks
Trinity's KickEmote300 V-Bucks
Ones and ZeroesWrap500 V-Bucks

Both of these emotes are particularly special. They look great and are absolutely iconic for any fans of the original trilogy of films. I mean, who wouldn't want to kick like Trinity, or do that classic Neo bullet-time move? Jeez, those movies are so good, this makes me want to go back and watch them all over again!

Will there be any Matrix x Fortnite Skins?

Nothing has been confirmed, but rumors suggest that a Neo skin may be heading to Fortnite over the coming weeks. We're not really sure how likely this is, as we would have expected it to come to the game over the Christmas period, to grab some of those holiday sales, but it is still quite possible. All of this being said, though, the original leaker – HYPEX – has since removed the Tweet. He originally claimed that we could see both a Neo and a Trinity skin in Fortnite, but we're not really sure whether this will actually happen.

The only other Matrix Item that is confirmed is the Sentinel Glider (see the Tweet above), which has joined Fortnite as part of the Winterfest event. It is pretty cool, as Sentinels are some of the most fascinating and cool-looking sci-fi creatures in the history of the genre. We have to admit that even if we don't get to play as Neo or Trinity, we are pretty happy to sit back, eat a pizza, and fly around on this badass glider!