Fortnite Receives New Anti-Cheat System

Fortnite, like many other shooters on the market, has had more than its fair share of hackers, with Epic adding the Hyperion anti-cheat system to combat them.

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More anti-hacker measures are fine in my book! I ©Epic Games

The two previous anti-cheat software added to the battle royale, EasyAntiCheat and Battle Eye, will now be joined by the aforementioned Hyperion, becoming the third one the game boasts.

The information was revealed by reliable leaker and popular leaker HYPEX, who mentioned the introduction of the anti-cheat software is the reason why Fortnite was not functioning on Windows 7 following the release of patch 21.20 this July 6.

"Epic implemented another anti-cheat system on top of the 2 existing ones EasyAntiCheat & Battle Eye. It makes cheating harder and it's also the reason why in-game leaks didn't happen today, and also why Fortnite is currently broken on Windows 7," HYPEX explained via his Twitter account.

Despite having measures in place to crack down on cheaters and hackers, Fortnite has experienced a surge in people using software such as aimbot and wallhacks to get the upper hand. It's become so awful that even official tournaments have had cheaters plague the lobbies.

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Less hackers in our lobbies? Sign us up! I ©Epic Games

Back on June 12, SypherPK, one of Fortnite's most popular content creators and streamers, blasted Epic Games after running into several teams cheating in the NA West Zero Build finals. He dropped from the event, asking the developers for some sort of on-the-spot ban feature.

"Died to cheaters game 1, done playing them for now. Hopefully we get some live bans or some sort of system to get rid of these guys, especially before the cash cups start," Sypher tweeted out.

It's no surprise that the surge in cheaters coincides with the release of Zero Build. While it's all speculation by the community at large, having the building mechanic removed allows for users to spot those that are clearly abusing the game one way or another with relative ease.

The timing of the introduction of a third anti-cheat is also no coincidence, as the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) returns for Chapter 3, Season 3 this July, with finals set to be played in August. All we can hope is that the Hyperion software does its job and ensures competitors and casual players a smooth experience while trying to earn some hard-fought Victory Royales.

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