Where To Find Secret Door In Main Chamber Of Shuffled Shrines

The elusive secret room is hidden deep within the already hard-to-find Shuffled Shrines' main chamber. You'll need to complete this challenge to earn the Indiana Jones-themed glider.

Indiana jones
Indiana Jones is finally in Fortnite I ©Epic Games

While you only need four quests to earn the basic Indiana Jones outfit, completing all will give you access to the Temple Explorer style and other cosmetics like the Indy's Dustoff emote, the First Misadventure loading screen, and more.

While the initial missions are all relatively simple, with the exception of trying to find the Durrrburger Relic in The Ruins and Temple without dying, page 2 has some more complex tasks you'll need to complete. Undoubtedly the most annoying of them all is locating the secret door hiding in the Shuffled Shrines' main chamber. Doing this will give reward you with the Emergency Raft glider.

Shuffled Shrines Main Chamber Secret Door Location

The new Shuffled Shrines location hides a small puzzle you'll need to complete if you want to get access to both the main chamber and its subsequent secret door. Head to the center of the structure to find four pillars with different symbols; find the correct order for these to reveal the entrance to the main chamber.

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Yes those are two Indy's blocking pillars 3 and 4 I ©Epic Games

To do that, you'll have to find four stones scattered around the landmark, each marked with a symbol. While you'll find symbols at the same four exact spots, the order will change from game to game. Each stone represents one inside the puzzle.

In the map below we've marked the locations of each stone, as well as the pillar they represent from left to right. A quick example is that stone 1 will need to have a matching symbol with the first pillar going from left to right in the puzzle.

Locations shrine
We've done the homework for you! I ©Epic Games

A pro tip is that you only look for the first three symbols and simply rotate the fourth one until it eventually lands. Once you complete this puzzle, you'll get access to the main chamber of the Shrine; works far from done. Now that you're inside, walk carefully until you reach the aforementioned room, avoid the brown squares, which in true Indiana Jones fashion, set up deadly traps.

Before you take the golden relic in front of you, turn right and use your harvesting tool to bring down the wall to locate the elusive secret room, completing the challenge while earning some sweet loot in the process. Word of advice, once you pick up the golden statue, a massive boulder will fall from the sky and can insta kill you if you're not aware.

Finally, don't be afraid to attempt this challenge solo, plenty of players are forgoing getting kills in favor of helping each other out. Trust me, nothing better than seeing Indiana Jones, Naruto, and Chun-Li trying to figure out the initial puzzle all by themselves!

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