Fortnite Omega Knight Skin: All Level-Up Tokens & How to Get It

The Omega Knight has returned to Fortnite! Where can you find the level-up tokens, and how do you unlock it?

Fortnite Omega Knight
He's bag, and he's more badass than ever! | © Epic Games

One of the best Fortnite skins ever is back: the Omega skin, last seen in Chapter 1, Season 4, now transforms into the Omega Knight! As a Tier 100 reward in Season 4's Battle Pass, the Omega skin and its upgradeable styles became one of the most coveted skins in the game at the time. Now, the skin is back with even tougher armor than before.

Dataminers leaked the new Omega Knight skin at the release of Fortnite Patch 20.30, and it is now part of the game since May 5. We'll show you how to get the Omega Knight skin in Fortnite, and how to unlock its styles.

How to Get the Omega Knight Skin

You can buy the Omega Knight Bundle in the Item Store with V-Bucks. We assume that the bundle will cost around 1200 V-Bucks, but this has neither been confirmed nor denied by Epic Games.

In addition to the new skin, the Omega Knight Bundle will also include a level-up quest pack that will allow you to unlock different styles for the skin and its harvesting tool, similar to last season's Monarch pack. Here you can see the Skin's showcase, which shows it off in all of its various forms:

All Omega Knight Skin Level-Up Tokens

To get the styles for the Omega Knight pack, you will need to complete different quests each week. There will be a total of 28 quests to fully unlock all the skin's styles, as well as those for the harvesting tool. Per quest, you have to collect one level-up token in the game.

Here is an overview of each token's location:

Alle Omega Ritter Level Up Marken
Here are all of the Omega Level-Up Token Locations. | © Epic Games

The number placed next to each token indicates the week in which it will appear. Additionally, here is a quick overview of how many tokens you will need to unlock the different Omega Knight styles:

  • Knight Strike Back Accessory: Complete 7 Omega Knight Level-Up Missions.
  • Knight Strike Harvesting Tool: Complete 14 Omega Knight Level-Up Missions.
  • Knight Strike Back Accessory (Aurum Eques): Complete 21 Omega Knight Level-Up Missions.
  • Omega Knight (Aurum Eques): Complete 28 Omega Knight Level-Up Orders.

Adding to that you will also receive enough XP to level you up with every mission you complete. If you lag behind a little bit it might be a good way to boost through the Batte Pass, since the end of the current Fortnite Season is already well in sight

This article was originally written by Alisa Eiber.