Fortnite: Reboot System Will Be Reworked

The latest Fortnite leaks suggest that the current reboot system will change completely. But how exactly is it supposed to work?

Fortnite Reboot Van System change
Soon we won't need a reboot card to bring back friends! | © Epic Games

The reboot feature in Fortnite was first introduced in Chapter 1, Season 8. That was shortly after the release of Apex Legends, which had the feature in game from the start. Apparently, Epic liked the idea of players being able to revive, which is why the reboot system was introduced to Fortnite a short while later.

Finally you could reboot your dead teammates after they were eliminated which made the game a whole lot better! Since then, the feature has changed little - until now. According to reports, Fortnite is considering revising its reboot system. And this time they're not stealing from Apex, but from Warzone...

Fortnite Reboot System - How It Works

Rebooting is actually relatively simple. If a player is eliminated in any team mode (Duos, Trios, Squads, etc.), they will drop a Reboot card. This card can be collected to allow the player to restart a squad member. Players must take this card to a reboot van and reboot it there.

When using the van, the player must hold the mapped button continuously for 10 seconds to restart the player. If multiple reboot cards have been collected, players will be respawned one at a time when activated. If several players reboot a teammate in e.g. squads, the reboot works faster.

If a player fails to collect a restart card before the timer expires, the player cannot be revived. If the card is snapped, there is no restart time limit.

Actually nobody complained about the system. But Epic now seems to have a new idea of how rebooting should work.

How Will The New Reboot System Work?

The rumors about the revamped reboot system come from some of the most prominent Fortnite leakers out there. Anyone who has ever played Warzone will be familiar with the new idea of the reboot system.

Instead of the player having to go to the location where their teammate dropped the card, the members of the team will receive the card automatically. The card will probably still need to be taken to a reboot van, but to activate it you'll need to pay with gold bars. If you don't have gold, you can't reboot your squadmate. This also means that if several of your teammates have been eliminated, you'll need to weigh up who you're spending the gold on. Especially in Arena mode, where you spawn without gold every round, this could mean drastic changes.

It is not yet known how much gold a restart will cost. Neither does when these reboot changes come into play. All we know is that Epic is working on it. We will soon find out whether the function will be introduced in Season 4 or at a later date.

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