Railgun Recon: All Wild Week Missions & Gameplay Changes in Fortnite

The Wild Weeks are back with a range of new missions and gameplay changes to mess around with. It's time to take a look at week two!
Fortnite wild weeks
Are you ready for a showdown? | © Epic Games

The Wild Weeks are back in Fortnite and bring not only plenty of variety, but also heaps of XP into the game. In this article, we are here to show you what changes are made to the Battle Royale each week and what missions there are to complete.

What are the Wild Weeks?

To get familiar with Sideways Showdown, let's briefly explain what they are. Wild Weeks are a selection of weekly challenges and rewards that take on a different theme week-by-week throughout the duration of the event. They bring many changes to the core Fortnite gameplay, and modify certain aspects of the weapon and loot pool.

Each week will have a different theme and will slightly change the way that you play and win a lobby in Fortnite. Also, with each new Wild Week, the changes in Fortnite from the previous week will be reset.

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Wild Week 1: Sideways Showdown Week

You may no longer see the Tilt World, but the Tilt World weapons are now returning to Fortnite. But only for a week! With this event's first week comes the following changes to Fortnite:

  • Tilt world rifle is back in the game
  • Tilt world minigun is back in the game

You can find these two weapons in chests and on the ground. You can also use the upgrade bank to upgrade them without any Cube Monster parts at all.

Tipping Towers Chaos Orders

Jump into the fray and complete the following missions to grab XP:

  • Make any tilt world weapon overheat (1): 25K XP
  • Damage enemies with tilt-world weapons (500 / 1500 / 4500 / 10,000): 25K XP per phase
  • Upgrade a tilt world weapon at an upgrade bench (1): 25K XP
  • Pick up a tilt world minigun and a tilt world rifle during a match (2): 25K XP

Wild Week 2: Railgun Recon

You can't see anyone at all, nothing but a few buildings. In Wild Week: Railgun Recon, you need to track down and eliminate your opponents. The following changes come to Fortnite in Week 2: Railgun Recon...

  • The railgun is back in the game
  • The scout scanner is back in the game

You can find both of these weapons and items, respectively, in chests and on the ground.

All Railgun Reconnaissance Missions

There are, once again, some pretty tasty XP to farm if you're into completing missions. Here's what you can do!

  • Score a headshot with the railgun (1): 25K XP.
  • Do damage to an enemy within 30 seconds of tagging them with the scout scanner (500): 25K XP per phase.
  • Damage enemies with the railgun: 500 / 2500 / 10,000 – 25,000 XP per phase.
  • Mark enemy players with the scout scanner (5 / 25 / 100): 25,000 XP per phase
  • Deal damage from at least 50 meters with the railgun (500): 25,000 XP

The Sideways Showdown challenges look pretty straightforward so far, and are easily accomplished by playing a lot of lobbies. If you want more details, though, check them out here.

Wild Week 3: Bargain Hunting

A week that many people already know from previous seasons. Week 3 is all about Gold Bars, and it comes with the following changes:

Bargain Hunting Missions

And this week there's some tasty XP to farm:

  • Spend Bars (500/1000/2000/3000/5000) - 25K XP per stage
  • Buy a weapon that is at least Rare (1) - 25K XP
  • Buy items from a vending machine (3) - 25K XP
  • Open cash registers (5) - 25K XP

What's easier than completing your Battle Pass with these challenges?

And that's it. Chapter 3, Season 3 starts next week, so get moving!