Fortnite Sky Jellies: Where To Find & How To Use

A new Fortnite challenge requires you to obtain shields or health from sky jellies. We'll show you where to find the critters and how they work.

Fortnite Sky Jellie Locations
Grab the Sky Jellies in Fortnite! | © Epic Games

You may have already discovered them on your journey through the Chapter 4, Season 1 map, but there is a new animal species this in Fortnite: Sky Jellies. As you can probably guess, these animals fly through the air and mostly travel in flocks. And for you to get to know them, a new Fortnite quest requires you to gain health or shields by jumping on them. Of course there is a lot of XP for this!

Where To Find Sky Jellies In Fortnite

Unlike some of the other tasks in the Week 4 Fortnite Challenges, there is no fixed location to find this particular type of jellyfish. Sky jellyfish spawn randomly across the island, although they're most commonly spotted in warm-weather areas.

Anvil Square and The Citadel are good places for players to visit. Greener places, such as Frenzy Fields or Faulty Splits, are also suitable for looking for the jellyfish.

What Do Sky Jellies Do In Fortnite

Sky Jellies are most easily recognized by their bright blue light. You may have stumbled across them while exploring Fortnite Chapter 4 and stopped to admire the aesthetically pleasing little critters.

In addition to adding color to the environment, the sky jellyfish also have a practical use, as players can use them to restore health and shields. And that's actually really easy.

To restore health you just have to jump on the little animals. Then they burst. Each jellyfish gives you 20 shield or health points. The Fortnite weekly quest requires you to reach 50 heal points, i.e. jump on three jellyfish, to complete the quest. You will then receive 16K XP towards your Battle Pass. A tidy sum for such a small task.

And that's it. We wish you luck in your grind!