Fortnite Trios Are Back, But Not As We Expected

With the introduction of the Ranked System in Fortnite, Epic Games had unceremoniously deactivated the Trios Mode and the outcry was great. Now it's back, but unfortunately not in the way we would have liked.

Fortnite trio mode is back
Fortnite Trios are back! | © Epic Games

Recently, the new Ranked System was introduced in Fortnite, which is supposed to replace the old Arena Mode. However, Epic Games also abolished the Trios mode at the same time without any explanation, which the fans found pretty bad overall.

However, the outcry has apparently done something, because now Fortnite has suddenly announced via its official Twitter channel that Trios are back in the game. Not quite in the way we'd like, though.

Fortnite Trios only available for Unranked games

On Twitter, Fortnite unexpectedly announced that Trios Mode is back, but only for the Unranked variants of Battle Royale and Zero Build.

We didn't know why the mode was disabled in the first place, however some assumed that kicking out Trios, was to direct players to other modes and improve queue wait times.

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While players are happy to be able to play Trios at all again, some don't understand why the mode isn't carried over into the Ranked system. There are no signs from Epic that they will change this, so we can only hope for the best.

At least trios that had to split up before can now grind Fortnite together again, even if it's only in Unranked.

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