Fortnite Volcanic Assassin Pack: Missions & How To Get It

A new free pack is available in Fortnite and we'll show you how to get it and complete all the missions!
Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack Fortnite
It's getting hot | © Epic Games

To celebrate the Epic Mega Sales, Fortnite has released the new Volcanic Assassin order pack for free in the Item Shop! But even if the pack is free, you still have to do something to get the skin. We have an overview of all challenges and how you can unlock the pack.

How Do I Get The Volcanic Assassin Pack On PC?

PC players can request the order package for free in the Item Shop from now until June 16. Simply scroll down to "Special Offers & Packages" in the Item Shop and click "Buy" to get it for free.

How Do I Get The Volcanic Assassin Pack On Console?

Unfortunately, the package for console players is not displayed in the Item Shop. But don't worry, there's still a way to get it. All you have to do is download Fortnite on a PC and sign in with your Epic Games account. The package will be displayed to you, and you can buy it.

You can then complete the challenges as normal via your console. Then the cosmetics, no matter on which platform, are in your locker.

What Cosmetics Are Included In The Volcanic Assassin Pack?

The order package contains the following cosmetics:

Vulkan Assassinin Paket
The Volcanic Assassin Pack. | © Epic Games
  • Tectonic Komplex Skin
  • Fiery Jam Back Bling
  • Sulfuric Street Shine Pickaxe
  • Fiery Flow Wrap

How Do I Get The Cosmetics Of The Volcanic Assassin Pack?

Although the cosmetics are available for free, they can only be unlocked by completing three simple in-game quests.

Set Fire To 100 Buildings

This challenge unlocks the "Fiery Jam" Back Bling. The easiest way to complete the quest is to light the buildings with fireflies. They usually float around in forests or where there is a lot of greenery and many trees. Here are some hotspots:

Fortnite Fireflies
You can find them almost everywhere on the map. | © Epic Games

The fireflies always float in one place. Interact with the small insects buzzing around to collect them. Then you start building with wood or go to a place where there are many wooden buildings around. Throw the fireflies at it and just wait for the buildings to burn down.

Alternatively, you can also make vehicles and gasoline canisters explode to light the environment.

Survive 50 Storm Phases

This quest unlocks the "Fiery Flow" Wrap. We don't have to explain to you how to do that, do we? Just play a few rounds and survive as long as possible. Once you survive 50 storm phases you will unlock it.

Deal 2,100 Damage To Enemies

With this challenge, you unlock the "Sulfuric Street Shine" pickaxe. This mission is also self-explanatory. The fastest way to complete the quest is in Group Wedges mode.

When you have completed all three quests, you will receive the outfit "Tectonic Komplex Skin".

How Long Do I Have To Complete The Volcanic Assassin Missions?

The Volcanic Assassin Order Pack is available in the Item Shop until June 16, 2022. However, the challenges remain available to you even after that, so you can easily complete them at your own pace.

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