EA Was Right Again - World Cup Goes As Predicted

The FIFA World Cup has just ended. And EA's World Cup simulation was right... again, it must be said.

FIFA World Cup Pediction
FIFA 23: EA was right again with its prediction. © EA Sports

The FIFA World Cup mode will stay with us for a while, even if the 2022 World Cup is in the history books now. EA has once again simulated the World Cup itself and have once again hit bullseye.

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FIFA 23 World Cup Prediction: EA was right again

In the FIFA 23 WC sweepstakes you had to predict the winner and runner-up for the tournament, as well the knockouts, from the round of 16 to the final. Hopefully you were as successful as EA.

Becaue: EA also simulates the tournament before every World Cup and was once again right. They now have a really impressive series of four predicted world champions in a row. Respect EA, that's really strong and next time we'll definitely place a bet if you predict us the 2026 World Cup winner.

Besides the World Cup winner, EA also correctly predicted the golden ball as well as some Team of the Tournament players. At the golden glove and golden shoe, however, the correct predictions came to an end. But that's good enough, otherwise we wouldn't need to watch the World Cup anymore.

Here are the entire EA Sports WC Predictions.

If you want to know which players are the fastest, we've summarized it for you here:

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