Vampire Esports Dominate Gamers8...Again! Win PUBG Mobile Afterparty

Last week was the PUBG Mobile Invitational at Gamers8, and the best teams from that event were invited to compete at the Afterparty Showdown event. Somehow, Vampire Esports have won again! These guys are looking like the best team in the world right now...

Vampire Esports Win Afterparty PUBG
How do they keep winning? | © Gamers8

Right let's cut to the chase. Gamers8 is a gaming and esports festival held in Saudi Arabia over the summer. Each weekend they put on a new tournament for a different game. Last weekend was the PUBG Mobile World Invitational, and it saw some of the biggest names from the scene compete (including Vampire Esports, who won). This weekend it was the PUBG Mobile World Invitational: Afterparty Showdown. This was a show tourney that involved the best contestants from the Invitational. We're going to quickly explain how it worked, and then get into the juicy details of how much (more) money Vampire Esports are taking home.

How Did The Afterparty Showdown Work?

The "Afterparty Showdown" concept might not be familiar to many of you, as we don't see show tourneys in every esport. But basically, the best teams from the World Invitational qualify for this show tourney (alongside some invited teams), and they have the chance to win a smaller prize pool in more of a funny / entertaining style tournament. The idea is to make it less competitive but great for the audience. So to make it more interesting, you can win individual prize money for getting team wipes and such, and there are only 12 teams included rather than 18.

These guys were up against stiff competition, but they were dominating at the tourney!

How Much Did Vampire Esports Win?

Vampire Esports just absolutely dominated the tournament (and it wasn't really close to be honest) so they'll be walking home with $167,000. These guys were the favorites going into the tourney because they won the Mobile Invitational, but still, we expected the other teams to make it harder for them.

Check out how the prize pool was distributed:

PlacementTeam Winnings
1Vampire Esports$167,000
2Alpha7 Esports$144,000
3Team Falcons$109,000
4S2G Esports$116,000


Stalwart Esports$83,000
6Bigetron RA$82,000
7DAMWON Gaming$72,000
8Nigma Galaxy$71,000
97Sea Esports$71,000
10R8 Esports$24,000
11Deadeyes Guys$29,000
12Team RA'AD$20,000
You're probably sat there very confused about why S2G Esports are 4th but earned more than the 3rd place team, or why R8 Esports earned less than Deadeyes Guys, despite placing higher. See, this being a show tourney, the prize money isn't just awarded for placement, as we mentioned. You could also win smaller amounts for completing individual tasks in each game:

Here were the other things you could win money for in-game:
  • Elimination: $2000 (First) / $5000 (Most)
  • Team Wipe: $5000 (First) / $5000 (Most)
  • Special Elimination: $2000 (First) / $2000 (Most)
  • Air Drop: $1,000 (First) / $1,000 (Most)
  • Winner-Winner-Chicken-Dinner: $10,000

Tournaments like this are a blast to watch, and we really hope that event organizers consider doing them more often. It makes the moment to moment action far more exciting; you know that someone just made $5,000 when they pull off a disgusting squad wipe. So please, Gamers8, let's do more of these! And to Vampire Esports, congratulations, you showed up two weekends in a row and played some of the best PUBG Mobile we've ever seen.