This Adult Horror Game Had To Be Removed From Steam

Agony Unrated was removed from multiple Steam libraries. Why though?

Agony Unrated
This is what we want to see in Agony! | © Riot games

Agony, a survival stealth horror game also has a NSFW version called Agony Unrated. The point of the game is to play as a soul making it through the treacherous world and escape hell. This is done by finding someone called the Red Goddess.

The game was originally released back in 2018 by Madmind Studios and the Unrated version was soon to follow… but it encountered some technical difficulties which led it to be cancelled, but then appeared on Steam anyway.

[UPDATE March 5, 2022]

Lost Copies of Agony Unrated to be Replaced

Many fans were disappointed when they couldn't access the uncensored version of Agony anymore. This was likely due to players who had intentionally bought the censored version still receiving the uncensored one as well. Therefore, Steam had delinked the two.

But now, Madmind Studios has released a statement in which they make it clear that anyone whose copy of Agony Unrated was taken away can get it back as a free DLC.

Hi Everyone, in a couple of days we plan on released a DLC version of UNRATED which will allow Agony owners to download this adult-only expansion without payment. As we're still waiting for full confirmation from Steam's side, I cannot share all the details, but once it's up we'll release a full announcement.

Was Agony Unrated Removed From Steam?

Players who bought the original Agony were also given a copy of the unrated version as a bonus. Any players who received their copy of the unrated version this way had it disappear from their Steam library.

Madmind Studios was just as perplexed by this and offered a statement in a blog post.

Unfortunately, we still don't have full knowledge on why they were delinked and we're unable to link the games again using our own tools, so we're now in contact with Steam support to work out the solution that'll satisfy everyone.

When Was Agony Unrated Removed?

When looking at the package containing both games, we can see that Agony Unrated was removed on February 16, 2022. The game was not however completely deleted from Steam. Anyone who wants is still able to purchase the unrated version directly.

Those players who also chose to buy only the unrated version also got to keep their copies. Only the linked versions for those who got the original Agony were impacted by this removal. Hopefully Steam and Madmind Studios can figure out a way to bring back the game. We want them tiddies.