Another Nintendo Classic Set To Get A Remaster

Apparently, Next Level Games is working on a remastered Nintendo Switch Version for F-Zero GX

F zero remake
F-Zero GX is rumored to get a Nintendo Switch remaster | © Nintendo

After Nintendo already remastered Metroid Prime, it seems that another Nintendo classic will be coming to the Switch. F-Zero GX is rumored to be getting a remaster. The action racing game was originally released for the GameCube in 2003 and has gained a lot of fans ever since. GameCube lovers, racing fans and practically everyone else can tune in because if the F-Zero remaster is as well done as Metroid Prime, it's going to be awesome.

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F-Zero Remastered Version Apparently In Development For Nintendo Switch

At the last Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has shadow dropped a remastered version Metroid Prime for the Nintendo Switch, and we absolutely loved it. It enhanced everything that was already special about the game and remade the visuals to look beautiful for modern consoles. With remakes, it's incredibly important that the original spirit of the game doesn't get lost, and Nintendo did an amazing job with that.

Metroid Prime Remastered Is A Welcome Breath Of Fresh Air

Considering that the Metroid Prime remake was a success, we are confident, that it is going to be on the same level with F-Zero. The game is practically timeless. Even though it was released exactly 20 years ago it's still an excellent game today, which is why a remastered version for the Nintendo Switch would be a perfect match.

This rumor was set in action by YouTuber "Nintendo Prime", who has also announced that the remastered F-Zero will be developed by Next Level Games who we know from Luigi's Mansion.

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