Armored Core 6: How To Reload

Reloading is essential in Armored Core 6, if you don't know how to reload, this guide is just for you.

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Reloading is an essential mechanic in most games that include guns. So knowing how to reload a weapon is a fundamental thing to know. So make sure to read along if you want to know how to reload.

How To Reload In Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6, you can reload your weapons manually. Here's how you can do it on consoles:

  • Press the triangle button (or Y button) and the left or right trigger at the same time.
  • Use the left trigger to reload the weapon in your left hand, and the right trigger to reload the weapon in your right hand.
  • Quickly tap both buttons together instead of holding them down. It might take practice pressing them at the exact same time.

The game's UI might seem tricky initially, but it becomes easier to understand. Check the curved lines on the left and right of your aiming point, The top line represents the weapon in your hand. If it's half full, press the triangle button (or Y button) and the corresponding trigger to reload manually.

Remember that only certain weapons can be reloaded in Armored Core 6. You can't reload shoulder weapons or one-shot weapons like Bazookas and Grenade Launchers. Typically, Kinetic weapons are the ones you can reload.

For PC players, the reload button might be different. To find out, access the settings from the garage. Go to “Control Settings” and look for the keybindings for controls. Scroll through until you locate the input for reloading. You can change this key to your preference.

And that's it. Hopefully we could help you, so you can enjoy some good Armored Core 6. Have Fun!

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