Armored Core 6 Juggernaut: How To Defeat It

Here is a guide on how to defeat the HA-T 102 Juggernaut Boss. Quick, simple and easy.

Armored Core 6 How to Defeat the Juggernaut
Armored Core 6: How to defeat the Juggernaut. | © FromSoftware/EarlyGame

If you are having trouble defeating the HA-T 102 Juggernaut boss in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, you are in the right place. Here is a guide on how to to that.

How To Defeat The Juggernaut In Armored Core 6

Before you start, make sure you're set up correctly. We'll go over that and explain the Juggernaut's moves. With our help, you'll send this tank into the junkyard in no time!

Choosing the Right AC Setup

Your success depends on your AC setup. Get Reverse-Joint legs – they're super important. You unlock them after the last mission. These legs matter because being on the ground too much gets you hurt.

Apart from the legs, think about taking a Vvc-760PR Plasma Rifle. It's not the only choice, but its damage spread is handy when you attack from above. Lastly, the Plasma Blade can stun the Juggernaut fast and deal big damage when you get the hang of it.

Juggernaut's Moves

Armored Core 6 Fight Against Juggernaut
Armored Core 6: Use your mobility to be victorious in this battle. | © FromSoftware/EarlyGame
  • Cannon Shot: Strong, but it won't hit if you're moving. Dodge in any direction.
  • Missile Launcher: These missiles don't follow you, so step to the side or go up to avoid them.
  • Ram: Dangerous! Jump up to dodge this fast attack.
  • Land Mines: Juggernaut tosses mines, making sideways dodging hard. These hurt a lot and are tough to dodge.

Strategy for HA-T-102 Juggernaut

To hurt the Juggernaut, aim for its battery on the back. At the start, Rusty (your partner) will get its attention, so hit the back while it's looking at Rusty.

Later on, Rusty leaves, and you're on your own. The Juggernaut starts using mines, so dodging is key. But here's the trick: the Juggernaut's moves don't follow you when you're in the air. If you have the recommended Reverse-Joint legs, you'll land for a bit and then take off again.

When you're in the air, use your Plasma Rifle. Its electric shots explode, so you don't need a direct hit on the battery. Just watch out for landing on mined spots.

By sticking to this plan, you'll beat the Juggernaut. If you try staying on the ground, you'll likely struggle. Remember, Armored Core 6 is showing you about adapting – take to the sky and show the Juggernaut who's boss!

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